Ada Ehi

In the vibrant world of gospel music in Nigeria, one name that has resonated deeply with audiences is Ada Ehi. With a soulful voice and an undeniable passion for her craft, Ada Ehi has become a household name in the realm of contemporary gospel music. In this article, we’ll take a journey through Ada Ehi’s life and career, from her early days to her rise to fame, touching upon some controversies, discussing her best songs, and exploring where she is now.

Early Days

Ada Ehi, whose full name is Patricia Ada Ehi-Ehireme, was born on July 18, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria. Her journey into the world of music began at an early age, driven by her love for singing and her strong Christian faith. Ada’s early exposure to church choir activities was instrumental in nurturing her talent and shaping her into the gospel artist she is today.

As a young girl, Ada Ehi’s voice was a standout feature in the church choir, and it didn’t take long for her to be recognized as a budding talent. Her passion for music and her desire to spread the message of hope and faith through her songs were evident from a young age.

Rise to Fame

Ada Ehi’s rise to fame was a gradual yet steady journey. She began her professional music career with her involvement in the music group, Infinity.

The group was well-received and had a significant impact on the Nigerian gospel music scene. One of their most notable songs was “Olori Oko,” which gained widespread acclaim.

However, it was as a solo artist that Ada Ehi truly began to shine. In 2009, she released her debut album, “Undenied,” which received critical acclaim and marked the beginning of her solo career. Her soul-stirring voice and heartfelt lyrics resonated with audiences, making her a beloved figure in the gospel music community.

Over the years, Ada Ehi released a series of successful albums, each filled with songs that inspired and uplifted her listeners. Her unique ability to infuse African rhythms and melodies into her gospel music set her apart in the industry. Hits like “Only You Jesus,” “Cheta,” and “I Testify” became anthems of faith and worship for many.


In 2019, Ada Ehi made headlines when she announced her decision to leave Loveworld Records, a prominent Nigerian gospel music label associated with Christ Embassy, a well-known Christian denomination in Nigeria. This announcement came as a surprise to many of her fans and the gospel music community. Ada had been a prominent artist under the label, and her departure raised questions about the reasons behind her decision.

The controversy around her departure primarily revolved around contractual and financial issues. Ada Ehi cited the need for creative freedom and the desire to take more control of her music as the primary reasons for her departure. In a statement, she expressed her appreciation for her time with Loveworld Records but emphasized the need for artistic independence.

It’s important to note that such disputes between artists and record labels are not uncommon in the music industry. Artists often seek more control over their music and creative direction as their careers evolve. These disagreements can lead to legal battles and sometimes tarnish an artist’s image. However, Ada Ehi’s admirers largely supported her decision, seeing it as a positive step toward her personal and artistic growth.

The controversy also brought to light the complex contractual relationships that exist within the music industry, particularly in the gospel genre. Loveworld Records had been a significant platform for Ada’s music, and her departure raised questions about how artists navigate the balance between artistic expression and contractual obligations.

While the legal and financial aspects of her departure were discussed in the media, Ada Ehi remained steadfast in her commitment to her faith and her music. She continued to release new music and remained focused on her ministry, demonstrating resilience in the face of professional challenges.

It’s worth noting that the resolution of such disputes often takes place behind closed doors and may not always be fully disclosed to the public. Ada Ehi’s focus, throughout the controversy and in its aftermath, remained on her music, her mission, and her relationship with her audience.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Ada Ehi’s departure from Loveworld Records shed light on the complexities of the music industry, particularly the balance between artistic freedom and contractual obligations. While it may have generated attention and discussion, it didn’t diminish the impact of Ada Ehi’s music and her commitment to her faith. The artist continued to inspire and uplift her listeners with her heartfelt gospel music, remaining a respected figure in the genre.

Best Songs

Ada Ehi’s discography is filled with inspiring and soulful songs that have touched the hearts of many. Here are some of her best and most beloved tracks:

  1. “Only You Jesus”: This song is an absolute gospel classic. Its powerful lyrics and Ada’s emotive delivery make it a go-to song for worship and reflection.
  2. “Cheta”: “Cheta” is a heartfelt and moving song that expresses unwavering trust and faith in God. It’s a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness.
  3. “I Testify”: “I Testify” is a declaration of God’s miracles and blessings. It’s a song of gratitude and celebration.
  4. “Fix My Eyes on You” (with Sinach): This collaboration with renowned gospel artist Sinach was a major hit. The song’s message of focusing on God during life’s challenges struck a chord with many listeners.

These songs not only showcase Ada Ehi’s vocal prowess but also her ability to convey deep spiritual messages through her music.

Where is She Now?

Ada Ehi continued to be a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene. She had released several successful albums and was actively involved in her ministry. Given her talent and dedication, it’s likely that she was continuing to create and share music that inspires and uplifts her audience.


Ada Ehi’s journey from her early days in the church choir to becoming a celebrated gospel artist is a testament to her talent and unwavering faith. Her music has transcended cultural boundaries, touching the lives of people across the globe. While she has faced her share of challenges and controversies, her focus on her music and her mission to spread the message of hope and faith have remained unwavering.

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Ada Ehi’s best songs continue to be anthems of worship and praise, and her influence on the gospel music scene in Nigeria and beyond is undeniable. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to her faith have solidified her position as a respected and beloved figure in the world of gospel music.

Ada Ehi’s story is a testament to the power of music to inspire, heal, and uplift the human spirit, and her legacy in the gospel music industry is sure to endure for years to come.