Brian Courtney Wilson: The Man Behind the Chart-Topping Gospel Hits

I’m sure we all must hear about various Gospel music artists. We might have also listened to their peaceful voices once in our lifetime. However, the one artist I’m sure we all would be familiar with is Brian Courtney Wilson. But why only Wilson and not any other artist?

Well, the answer is simple. It is because Brian Courtney Wilson has been creating Gospel hits since he started singing.

He’s been spreading tranquility while providing entertainment and maintaining the views of the Gospel and churches.

Today we’ll be looking at the life of Brian Courtney Wilson and his recipe to create the Chart topping Gospel hits!

Brian’s Courtney Wilson Rise to Fame.

Brian's Courtney Wilson Rise to Fame.

Like any other Christian child, Brian grew up listening to Gospel. Later, he started practicing it in the adult male choir at his neighborhood church.

He was born and schooled in Bellwood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He moved to Houston after receiving his degree from the University of Illinois.

He worked for Johnson & Johnson in Houston, Texas, and sang and wrote songs for the Sunday services at Windsor Village United Methodist Church.

He was noticed when some of his tracks were played on radio stations.

If you haven’t heard any Gospel songs by Brian Courtney Wilson, I suggest listening to one. After that, you won’t have to be persuaded to listen to him as you’ll be amazed to see how fast you’re marvelously hooked to his voice.

In today’s era, the Brain Courtney Wilson we know is an evolving gospel messenger.

One thing you might notice common in his song is that he constantly balances the demands of eternity with humanity, displaying knowledge and sophistication in his thinking.

He understands that acknowledging either does not preclude the other. Instead, doing so contributes to the richness and depth of the message that is necessary to reach and assist the majority.

The latter is best exemplified by Brian Courtney Wilson’s most recent musical release, Still, while he best exemplifies the former.

Some of these Chart-Topping Gospel hits

Some of these Chart-Topping Gospel hits

Moving on to some of his best accomplishments, let’s look at the albums which have hit the top list in recent years. Through a hopeful outlook, Wilson presents evocative, close-knit, and deeply personal music.

One of the reasons why his music remains at the bottom of our hearts.

This trait is uncommon in artists, but it is also why Brian Courtney Wilson managed to get his music a hit. 

With the release of his debut album, “Just Love,” in 2009, Brian gladly began sharing his Gospel music with us.

This music has an R&B/Soul influence. Before he produced his newest album, “Worth Fighting For,” in 2015, there was an eight-year break. He published “A Great Work” in 2018 and the album “Still” in 2020.

The singer-songwriter Brian Courtney Wilson’s stirring ballad “Still” becomes his second Billboard No. 1 song.

The song topped the Mediabase Gospel Airplay list and the Billboard Gospel Songs chart.

A timeless, important, and comforting message about God’s ongoing presence can be heard in the title tune of Wilson’s well-received fifth album.

Of course, how can we overlook his greatest accomplishment? Later that year, Wilson received nominations for the Traditional Gospel Albums of the Year and Contemporary Gospel soundtrack of the Year Dove Awards.

He won his first Dove Award triumph in the latter category. In addition, Wilson was nominated for his first Grammy Award in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category for the song “Worth Fighting For.” 

With the release of his debut album, “Just Love,” in 2009, Brian gladly began sharing his Gospel music with us.

This music has an R&B/Soul influence. Before he produced his newest album, “Worth Fighting For,” in 2015, there was an eight-year break. He published “A Great Work” in 2018 and the album “Still” in 2020.

With “Sure As,” which leads Billboard’s Gospel Airplay list, Brian Courtney Wilson scores another Number 1 single this week. Wilson is proud of his fourth number-one song on the charts, highlighting his esteem among Gospel radio listeners.

The second track on Wilson’s 2020 STILL album to top the Billboard radio chart is “Sure As.” “Sure As,” a celebration of black culture that also conjures up images of summer cookouts and backyard gatherings, struck a chord with listeners as the summertime anthem.

A few weeks ago, the debut track, “Always Peace,” was released digitally, along with a brand-new performance video on YouTube.

His contribution to the society

His contribution to the society

Take a deep breath, guys, because you are about to enroll in Brain Courtney Wilson’s deep talks, which happens every Thursday.

Wilson delivers his Facebook Live show. Wilson has impacted many lives in this show with meaningful conversations with dynamic guests.

The finest gospel singers and songwriters are the spectacular guests who have appeared on Brian’s show throughout the year. Some of them are author Jason Wilson, Marcus D. Wiley, influencer Tai Beauchamp, Tasha & Kenny Leonard, Warryn Campbell, and iconic rapper Bun B.

An album that calls attention to the core of the public discussion is a GREAT WORK.

In these reflections, Brian Courtney Wilson discusses the religious culture of today, social injustice in the community, and our connection to God. It is an album for contemporary believers and the contemporary church.

For Brian, establishing a legacy for his kids and the future is of utmost importance. So Brian spends a lot of time sowing a seed that leaves a legacy. Which is something society needs, and not all artists do that.

Wilson’s “GREAT WORK” expands consciousness. It aims to lift our spirits, fortify our hearts, and restore our faith in God and ourselves. Lyrically, it explores the factors influencing American culture and presents Brian’s viewpoint on this AMAZING truth about God.

Wilson does not take success for granted, as far as we can tell. He is currently working on the TRANSITIONS album, which is scheduled for release later this year.

Are you excited about it? 

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