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Building 429, a name familiar to many in the contemporary Christian music scene, has been synonymous with uplifting messages, soul-stirring performances, and, of course, a solid grounding in faith. From their early days to their rise to fame, this band has navigated the complexities of the music industry with grace. But what really happened to Building 429? Let’s dive in.

How it all started?

The genesis of Building 429 traces back to the early 2000s in North Carolina. With Jason Roy, Scotty Beshears, Paul Bowden, and Michael Anderson as the founding members, the band’s identity was carved in the backdrop of a close-knit community.

Their choice of the name ‘Building 429’, inspired by Ephesians 4:29, wasn’t just a mere biblical reference. It was a mission statement, encapsulating their commitment to inspire, uplift, and ‘build up’ their listeners.

In those initial years, they faced the challenges common to many fledgling bands. Balancing day jobs, personal commitments, and their passion for music wasn’t easy.

They’d often rehearse late into the night, write songs during lunch breaks, and travel miles on weekends to play at various events.

The local scene in North Carolina offered them diverse platforms. From small church congregations to larger youth events, Building 429 began carving a niche for themselves.

Their performances were not just about the music. They were heartfelt testimonies, drawing people in with their authenticity. It was here in these intimate settings that their distinctive sound – a blend of rock and worship – started taking shape.

Audience reactions in these early days were mixed. While many were instantly drawn to their energy and message, others took time to warm up to their contemporary sound in a predominantly traditional environment. However, with each performance, Building 429 refined its artistry, learning from feedback, and growing stronger in its mission.

Connections were made, one show led to another, and gradually, the word about this new, spirited Christian band began to spread beyond North Carolina. With demo tapes circulating in Christian music circles and a few local radio stations giving them airtime, Building 429 was poised for a bigger stage and a broader audience.

Rise to Fame

Their maiden album in 2004 was just a glimpse of what was to come. “Glory Defined,” a track from this album, became an instant sensation. Radio stations, Christian events, and even mainstream platforms played it on loop. Building 429 began to feature on bigger stages, rubbing shoulders with established Christian artists. Their relatable lyrics, combined with a unique blend of musical genres, made them favorites across various age groups.


While they have largely navigated the tumultuous world of music without major scandals, Building 429 has not been entirely controversy-free. Their departure from a pure rock sound to a more pop-infused style in later albums drew mixed reactions from fans.

There were also subtle debates within Christian circles about the depth of theological content in their songs. But these minor blips never overshadowed their primary message or their dedication to the craft.

Are They Still Together?

Throughout their journey, the band saw several lineup changes. Yet, the essence of Building 429 remained intact.

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Their adaptability, both in terms of music and personnel, is a testament to their unity and shared vision. With Jason Roy continuing as the anchoring force, the band remains a cohesive unit, delivering soulful performances and touching lives.


Building 429’s journey is emblematic of dedication, faith, and an unwavering commitment to a higher purpose. While they may have evolved in terms of musical style, their core message remains unchanged. Their legacy in the Christian music world is not just about chart-toppers but also about the countless lives they’ve impacted.

Other Interesting Tidbits

  1. Name Significance: It’s worth noting that the band often emphasizes the importance of Ephesians 4:29 in interviews and personal interactions. They see their name as a daily reminder of their purpose.
  2. Diverse Influences: One of the secrets to Building 429’s success is its ability to seamlessly merge genres. From soulful ballads to rock anthems, their repertoire showcases their vast musical influences.
  3. Community Service: Their off-stage life is just as commendable. Building 429 has been associated with several outreach programs, disaster relief efforts, and initiatives to support underprivileged children. Their belief in “building up” is not just lyrical but also practical.

From playing in local churches to commanding global stages, Building 429’s story is one of faith, resilience, and the magic of music. Their journey reminds us of the power of perseverance and the beauty of following one’s calling.


1. Why did Building 429 choose such a unique name?

Building 429 selected their name based on the biblical verse Ephesians 4:29. They felt the verse captured their mission of promoting positivity and spiritual growth through their music.

2. Have any of the band members pursued solo projects?

Yes, over the years, some members have explored personal projects outside of Building 429, though they’ve always prioritized the band’s work and commitments.

3. What are some awards Building 429 has received?

Throughout their career, Building 429 has been nominated for, and has won, numerous awards including the prestigious GMA Dove Awards.

4. Has the band collaborated with other artists?

Yes, Building 429 has had collaborations with various artists in the Christian music industry, enriching their music with varied voices and styles.

5. Which record labels has Building 429 been associated with?

Building 429 has been associated with several record labels during their career, including INO Records, Essential Records, and Provident Label Group.

6. How would you describe Building 429’s musical style?

Building 429 blends contemporary Christian music with elements of rock and pop, producing an energetic and inspiring sound.

7. Are there any Building 429 albums that are must-listens for new fans?

While all of their albums are noteworthy, “Listen to the Sound” and “We Won’t Be Shaken” are especially recommended for newcomers.

8. Does the band have international tours?

Yes, Building 429 has embarked on international tours, taking its message and music to fans across the globe.

9. Are there any books or documentaries about the band?

While there isn’t a dedicated documentary or book solely about Building 429, they have been featured in various Christian music documentaries and magazines.

10. How do the band members manage their personal lives with their busy touring schedules?

The band has often spoken about the importance of family and faith in interviews. They prioritize spending time with their loved ones and ensure they balance work with personal life.

11. Have they done any charity concerts?

Building 429 has participated in numerous charity events and concerts, reflecting their commitment to giving back to the community.

12. Which member has been with the band the longest?

Jason Roy, the lead vocalist and guitarist, has been a consistent presence in the band since its inception.

13. What inspired Building 429’s songwriting process?

Their songs are often inspired by personal experiences, spiritual reflections, and their desire to uplift and inspire listeners.

14. Are the band members involved in other ventures outside of music?

Yes, members of Building 429 have been involved in various outreach programs, ministry work, and some even have entrepreneurial ventures.

15. How do fans usually react at the band concerts?

Fans at Building 429 concerts are known for their enthusiastic and emotional reactions, often participating in sing-alongs and sharing touching testimonials.

16. How frequently does Building 429 release new music?

While there isn’t a fixed schedule, the band has been fairly consistent in releasing new music every couple of years.

17. Who are some of the band’s musical influences?

Building 429’s music is influenced by various artists and genres, ranging from classic Christian bands to contemporary rock and pop acts.

18. Has the band faced any significant challenges in their career?

Like any longstanding band, Building 429 has faced challenges, including lineup changes and evolving musical landscapes. However, their dedication to their message has kept them going strong.

19. Where can fans get the latest updates about the band?

Fans can stay updated about Building 429 through their official website, social media channels, and major Christian music platforms.