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In the sprawling vastness of Texas, where stories of passion and ambition are as vast as the horizon, a unique musical tale began to unfold in the early 2000s. From the heartland of Baytown emerged LEELAND, a Christian rock band that would soon leave an indelible mark on the global worship music scene. With Casey Moore as one of its pivotal figures, the band embarked on a journey that would inspire and uplift countless souls. Dive into the chronicles of LEELAND’s evolution, from their humble beginnings to their meteoric rise in the world of Christian rock.

Early Beginnings:

Leeland Mooring, the band’s lead singer, showcased his prodigious talent early, writing his first song “Shine” at a mere age of 11. This debut in an Illinois church initiated the Mooring family’s journey touring across the United States.

Leeland’s early brush with fame came when he became a finalist at 14 in Embassy Music’s Ultimate Talent Search contest in Nashville, catching the attention of Kent Coley. This pivotal encounter led him to a songwriting contract with Eddie DeGarmo of EMI CMG Publishing.

Formation of LEELAND:

The ensemble of talent—Leeland, his older brother Jack, cousin Jake Holtz, and friends Jeremiah Wood and Mike Smith—came together to form the band. Their name, derived from Leeland Mooring’s first name, was chosen for its ‘cool’ resonance. Quirkily, the band’s early rehearsals often occurred in a dual-purpose church which also functioned as a funeral home.

Major Debut and Recognition:

2005 marked their foray into mainstream music recording with their debut “Sound of Melodies”. Released in 2006, it quickly received critical acclaim, being nominated for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album at the 49th Grammy Awards and bagging five GMA Dove Award nominations the following year.

Collaborations and Bonds:

LEELAND’s association with Christian music legend Michael W. Smith is noteworthy. Leeland Mooring’s contributions to six of Smith’s songs on the “Stand” album and their personal connection—Jack Mooring’s marriage to Smith’s daughter—further strengthened their bond.

Band Evolution:

The group witnessed its share of member changes. Jeremiah Wood’s exit in 2006 allowed Matt Campbell to find his place as a mainstay guitarist.

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Their sophomore album, “Opposite Way,” released in 2008, built upon the band’s growing reputation, touching on the theme of embracing a Christian life even if it meant standing distinct. It clinched No. 1 on the iTunes Christian Albums chart and scored a Grammy nod.

Subsequent Releases and Collaborations:

LEELAND’s albums like “Love Is on the Move” continued their legacy of captivating Christian rock. Their collaborative spirit shone when they paired with Brandon Heath for the “Follow You” Tour, joined by Francesca Battistelli.


Throughout their musical journey, Casey Moore and LEELAND have stood as pillars of authenticity in worship and music, inspiring a generation and earning their rightful place as luminaries in the Christian rock landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Leeland

Q1: What genre of music does Leeland play?
Leeland is a Christian rock band.

Q2: Where is Leeland originally from?
The band hails from Baytown, Texas.

Q3: When was Leeland formed?
The band was formed in 2004.

Q4: Who are the members of the original Leeland lineup?
The original lineup consisted of Leeland Mooring (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremiah Wood (guitar), Jack Mooring (piano), Mike Smith (drums), and Jake Holtz (bass).

Q5: How many albums has Leeland released?
Leeland has released five studio albums.

Q6: When did Leeland release their debut album?
They debuted their first project, Sound of Melodies, in 2006.

Q7: Has Leeland received any Grammy nominations?
Yes, they have received four GRAMMY® nominations.

Q8: Has Leeland won any Dove Awards?
The band has received eight GMA Dove Award® nominations.

Q9: Who are the current members of Leeland?
The band currently consists of Leeland Mooring (lead vocals, guitar), and Casey Moore (guitar, background vocals).

Q10: Did any original members leave the band?
Yes, Jeremiah Wood, an original guitarist, left the band in late 2006.

Q11: When was Leeland’s latest album released?
Their latest album, Invisible, was released in July 2016.

Q12: What significant change occurred with the band in 2015?
In September 2015, Leeland announced that they would be joining Bethel Music as part of the Bethel Music Collective.

Q13: What led to Leeland joining the Bethel Music Collective?
Leeland Mooring and Casey Moore established an organic friendship with Bethel’s founding member, Brian Johnson, which eventually led to this collaboration.

Q14: Which album marks Leeland’s debut under the Bethel label?
“Invisible” is the first album the band released under the Bethel label.

Q15: Did Leeland collaborate with any artists from the Bethel Music Collective?
Yes, Brian Johnson featured on the song “Son Was Lifted Up” from the Invisible album.

Q16: What distinguishes Leeland in the worship music sphere?
LEELAND has become one of the most significant and standout voices in a new generation of worship music, reflecting their passion to worship God personally and in community.

Q17: Who are the central figures of Leeland?
The Texas-based band prominently features lead singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Leeland Mooring alongside guitarist and co-writer Casey Moore.