Erica Campbell on Kanye WestErica Campbell on Kanye West

Erica Campbell of Gospel duo Mary Mary was recently asked about Kanye West and his recent controversies.

For context, before Kanye West decided to start the Sunday Services, according to Erica Campbell, Kanye West met with her and her husband Warryn before he started his church.

“Me and my husband actually got a chance to sit with him and he was saying that he really wanted to do this authentically and he really wanted to know and understand and I just thought that that was so beautiful,” Erica said.

She applauded West for his efforts and cautioned Christians about judging him prematurely.

Kanye West, often known for his famous “Sunday Services” now, which are kept ultra-exclusive, at one point, joined forces with the California Worship Center Church in Los Angeles, the church where Erica and Warryn are pastors.

The church is called California Worship Center and Warryn Campbell is the pastor.

But recently, she decided to call out Kanye for not being true to the word of God.

While promoting her new single, “Positive,” she was stopped by TMZ to discuss Ye, Sunday Service, and the notion of him being a hypocrite and how his recent behavior towards Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, D.L. Hughley, and Trevor Noah stacks up.

As a woman of God, she explained, “I just think if you’re trying to be like God on Sunday, then you should be like him on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well. Does that mean perfection? Not at all, but it means that your choices should be governed by what you believe.”

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Campbell continued, “If you believe in faith and being kind, being gracious, being understanding, and being patient, then you gotta be that way all week long. We all go through things. We don’t always get it right, so prayers up for Kanye.”

You’ll be hardpressed to find a celebrity who hasn’t been vocal about Kanye West’s recent behavior on social media. Erica Campbell is just the latest person to share her thoughts on Kanye’s latest drama.

Campbell also theorized that Kanye is having a turbulent online behavior because of the rapper’s ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian.

She continued by mentioning how both her parents were married to each other more than once because despite choosing to get divorced, love can often continue for both people.

“When you love somebody it doesn’t go away because you get divorced. That’s why they be so mad after — cause they still in love,” she said, “My mother and father married each other three times. Cause they couldn’t, they couldn’t — they just loved each other.”

“Sometimes it’s that way — you try and it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean the love goes away,” Campbell said.

Even if Kanye is in emotional turmoil over his divorce, it doesn’t justify his recent online behavior towards his estranged wife, her boyfriend Pete Davidson, D.L. Hughley, or Trevor Noah.

Erica has just reminded Ye that true salvation is more than a one-day-a-week process. He needs to remember to show kindness, temperance, trust, and faith in every aspect of life.

We agree with Erica a million times. So, what do you think about that…. Let us know in the comment section.