Lauren daigle inspirationLauren daigle inspiration

Lauren Daigle has been an inspiration to many people across the globe, and her music has made a lot of impacts and helped people find God.

Gospel music can be an inspiration to people from all walks of life.

People are often inspired by gospel songs because they are able to relate to the lyrics and the messages that they carry. This is especially true for people who have experienced some kind of hardship or struggle in their lives.

When she released her album “Look Up Child”, in 2018. She discovered that her music has been able to help people in the world feel less alone.

“People started blowing up my YouTube and my Instagram and saying, ‘Hey, I have wanted to commit suicide — this song completely just got me out of it,’” she says of her single “You Say.”

“Watching people take out their emotions and flip upside down” she continued. “That’s the most humbling freeing thing [seeing] music, something that is a universal language actually come in and bring hope.”

Daigle went on to explain that she made the album because “nobody is telling them how valuable and worthy of love they are;” as for why people are drawn in by it, “they’re craving identity.”

“Wrestling with that and wanting to know the truth and wanting to know who I am,” she says. “There’s a solid truth that people can hold onto.”

Even though the album impacted so many people, Daigle said that was not easy. She added that she remembered “feeling disconnected and unsure of everything.”

It wasn’t until she visited Australia that Daigle started to feel at home and explained that during a moment of prayer, she uttered the words, “This girl ain’t going nowhere,” which led to one of the songs on her new album, “This Girl.”

“My producer said I sang, ‘This girl ain’t going anywhere,’ and he said we should write that,” Louisiana-born singer Daigle explains. “It just kind of subconsciously came out. I think that song really depicts the journey from then to now, realizing you’re on your way.”

Moments of Prayer

Moments of prayer and gatherings with her team are normal for the Christian artist, as she spends a lot of time with her producers. They’re also close friends and remind her who she is.

“The beauty of it is that we all share the weight and pressure together,” she says. “We are intentional about our time when we’re out, like traveling to enjoy those moments so that we can catch up with each other.”

It’s really important to have a support system of your family and friends who understand you and don’t pressure you. They know the real you, before anything else.

For Daigle, the focus of her life and her music is ensuring that she’s having fun – “if it’s not fun, we don’t want to do it,” she explained

“Wherever you’re enjoying yourself, that’s where your passion is going to come out. And it’ll naturally spread to everyone around you,” she says.

Daigle says she was inspired by iconic artists like Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, and Whitney Houston when writing Look Up Child. Just listening to Adele helped her accept her voice as a singer.

“I remember when I first heard Adele’s voice. She had a tone like mine, and I was drawn to it instantly.”

And in one of her most successful music ‘rescue‘, the story was more personal.

As a means to show her support for a friend who was going through difficult times, Lauren Daigle put together an idea for a song that she was initially nervous about showing others.  But that song has become an anthem that has made Christian Music history. It’s the first song ever to stay longer on the music charts than any other in the genre and it’s affecting people all over the world!

Lauren reflects on the moment of composing the song ‘Rescue’ and what it means to listeners.

“I wrote this song with a loved one in mind, so it’s definitely one of the most personal songs I’ve ever been a part of” I can’t help but remember this vision I had about a girl who was in a really desperate situation and it’s just hard for me to imagine. It was easy to see that she was running from one vice at a time, in order to find any hint of hope. And then walking down the hallway Jesus came. And instead of judging her for some of the difficult choices she made, He just sat with her. He never tried to fix anything and was just there.

” For everyone who feels hopeless, for everyone who feels desperate, for everyone who feels like their life is crashing in on itself – it’s hard to understand how I could provide the feeling of comfort. Like a comfort and an embrace to them?” – Lauren Daigle.

Healing is not a one-time event, but a process that takes time. Gospel music can help you heal from suffering and find peace in your life.

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Gospel music has been used for centuries as a way to heal the soul and bring people closer to God. It also offers hope in the midst of pain and suffering.

This type of music is not only soothing but it also helps people find peace within themselves. People have come to the realization that gospel music has a significant impact in society. It is believed that music is effective in providing social support, reducing stress and depression, and helping people form a sense of belonging.

It can also provide inspiration and motivation to those who are struggling with any issue or illness.

It is basically a form of intimate and life-affirming spiritual inspiration that many people find valuable.

Daigle Inspirations usually comes from new seasons of life, new norms, new everything.

Daigle is always thinking of new ideas and creative ways to help people going through life thinking that God is always with them.

People are inspired by gospel songs for different reasons – some may be inspired by the lyrics, others might enjoy listening to it because it makes them feel good or because it brings back memories from their childhood.

I hope that Daigle is an inspiration to you – which one of her song do you relate the most?

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