What Really Happened to Gospel Singer Mike Bowling

Every now and then, our souls crave the comforting embrace of Christian music, a melodic reminder of our unwavering faith. And amidst the vast ocean of talented artists, there emerges one shining star who has captivated our hearts for years— Mike Bowling, the renowned gospel singer. With his gift of music, Mike Bowling has become a guiding light, leading us on a harmonious journey of faith and devotion.

But wait, there’s more to Mike Bowling’s story. In the year 2021, his life took an unexpected turn—a twist that left us all curious and longing for answers.

What could have transpired in the life of this renowned artist?

Join me on an enthralling journey as we dive deep into the intricate tapestry of Mike Bowling’s life and the profound impact it has had on his beloved family.

How it all Started for Gospel Singer Mike Bowling?

Mike Bowling, the virtuoso record producer, songwriter, and gospel singer extraordinaire. Born on a radiant summer day, June 24, 1958, and grew up in the enchanting landscapes of Kentucky, Mike’s journey from his formative years remains veiled in a shroud of intrigue.

The extraordinary musical journey of Mike Bowling, a prodigious talent who embarked on a remarkable path at a tender age.

Even in his earliest years, Mike’s passion for music was undeniable as he skillfully sang and played the piano. But it was at the age of 16 that his destiny took a thrilling turn when he embarked on a two-year stint with the legendary LeFevres, immersing himself in the mesmerizing world of gospel music.

While his musical prowess was evident, Mike’s thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a degree in Respiratory Therapy. However, the allure of the music world proved irresistible, beckoning him back with an irresistible melody.

Mike Bownling’s Musical Journey

In 1995, Mike found his perfect match when he joined the New Hinsons, his distinct vocals harmonizing flawlessly with the soul-stirring sound reminiscent of the late Kenny Hinson.

The journey didn’t end there for this remarkable artist. Mike’s incredible vocal abilities caught the attention of another successful family group—the Perrys.

As a member of the Perrys, Mike’s voice reverberated on chart-topping hits such as “God Sent Angels,” “Redeemed,” and “Not Even A Stone,” leaving an indelible mark on the Southern Gospel music scene.

Love, as they say, knows no boundaries.

It was during this period that Mike’s path intertwined with Kelly, a talented vocalist from the esteemed Crabb Family.

With her matchless voice and an illustrious career boasting 10 Dove Awards and 16 number-one songs, Kelly had dedicated her life to the Crabb Family ministry.

The birth of their third child signaled a new chapter—a realization that it was time for Kelly to join her husband on stage.

The Mike & Kelly Bus Accident That Changed Everything

The Mike & Kelly Bus Accident That Changed Everything

On July 1, 2010, the Bowling Family faced a devastating accident. While en route to a TV taping, their tour bus collided with a semi-truck, resulting in severe injuries.

Mike, holding their youngest daughter Katelanne, suffered a brain injury, broken arm, and other wounds. Katelanne also sustained significant injuries. The family was rushed to hospitals in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kelly, describing the incident, recalls the moments of uncertainty and the realization that they were solely dependent on God’s presence. Despite her broken back, Kelly found solace in her faith.

After five days, she was released from the hospital but required a body brace and later relied on a walker. However, through divine intervention, her condition improved without the need for surgery.

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During their journey to recovery, Mike contemplated their circumstances and questioned their alignment with God’s will.

It was then that he came across Jesus’ words about Lazarus in John 11:4, reminding him that even in their affliction, there was an opportunity for God’s glory to be revealed.

Kelly vividly recalls her mother’s home, which resembled a makeshift hospital room filled with wheelchairs, hospital beds, and the echoes of months spent in physical therapy. In that challenging moment, she found solace in the lyrics of a song she had sung alongside her siblings for years: “He will take you through the fire again.”

As the specter of fear loomed over them, the thought of stepping back onto their tour bus seemed daunting for the Bowlings. Doubts and worries whispered in their minds, questioning whether they could overcome the shadows of their past. Yet, fate had a different plan in store, a plan that would propel them to new heights and restore their unwavering faith.

Embracing the New Journey

Now, as Mike and Kelly Bowling, they embark on an awe-inspiring journey, a musical partnership fueled by love, faith, and a shared desire for excellence in carrying the name of Christ.

Their harmonies resonate with a depth that can only come from two souls in perfect harmony, a testament to their unwavering devotion to their craft and their unwavering commitment to spreading the message of hope through song.

The stage is set for their ascent, and as they join forces, their union promises to be the crowning achievement in Mike Bowling’s illustrious career.

With a fresh zeal and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mike and Kelly Bowling are poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry and touch the hearts of audiences far and wide.

Mike & Kelly Bowling Divorce

In an unfortunate turn of events, speculations regarding Mike Bowling’s sexual orientation began to circulate among fans, fueled by assumptions that he and Kelly were on the verge of separation in 2021.

The couple’s once serene blue house became the center of attention as Kelly was forced to leave, taking their daughters with her.

As social media became the stage for revelations, Kelly shared a poignant image of their former abode, accompanied by an emotionally charged status that unveiled the heart-wrenching truth: the couple had indeed parted ways.

It was Kelly’s mother who, in a comment, bravely confirmed the divorce, leaving fans disheartened by the shattered union.

In response to the upheaval, Kelly took to Facebook to pen a post, shedding light on their recent relocation.

Typically, moving signifies an exciting transition, symbolizing significant changes within a family unit.

It could mean seeking a larger, more spacious dwelling, embracing a countryside retreat, or even upgrading to a residence that exudes elegance and modernity. Yet, in the case of Mike and Kelly, none of these conventional reasons applied.

The news of their long-standing marriage coming to an end left an indelible sting in the hearts of their supporters.

The couple chose to guard their reasons for the split, shrouding them in secrecy. Subsequently, a noticeable shift occurred in their online presence.

Mike’s Instagram account fell silent, devoid of any updates, while Kelly refrained from sharing images of him on her own profile.

The dissolution of a once-unbreakable bond leaves an ache that resonates deeply.

As fans grapple with the aftermath of this somber revelation, the duo’s choice to keep their reasons concealed only adds to the air of mystery and intrigue that surrounds their parting.

Is Gospel Singer Mike Bowling Gay?

Speculation and gossip regarding the personal lives of celebrities often run rampant, with questions surrounding their sexual orientation becoming a common topic of discussion.

Among the numerous individuals subjected to such rumors is the renowned artist, Mike Bowling. Yet, the inquiry of whether Mike Bowling identifies as gay, straight, or bisexual remains shrouded in ambiguity. While attempting to discern his sexual orientation through his Instagram activity, no conclusive evidence suggesting he identifies as gay can be discerned.


In the midst of the spotlight and the ever-watchful eyes of fans, Mike Bowling and his family have traversed a tumultuous journey filled with triumphs, challenges, and moments that tested their faith.

From Mike’s early beginnings as a gifted musician to the tragic accident that shook their lives, the Bowling Family’s resilience and unwavering belief in God’s plan have guided them through the darkest times.

Their unwavering commitment to their craft, the bond of love that unites them, and their dedication to spreading the message of hope through music have made them an inspiration to many.

As they continue to grace stages and touch hearts, their story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, the power of faith, love, and unity can create a symphony of resilience that transcends all boundaries.