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Step into the captivating world of Nancy Harmon, a divinely gifted evangelist and gospel singer who was “Born To Sing!” Through her heavenly voice, she has touched the hearts of millions, offering comfort, inspiration, and the message of salvation and peace.

Early Life: A Foundation of Faith and Music

Nancy Harmon, the epitome of devotion to Christ, is an evangelist, gospel singer, songwriter, teacher, author, and organist. Born on September 25, 1939, in Kansas City, United States of America.

Her journey began on May 18, 1950, when she entered this world as a blessed soul destined for greatness. Hailing from Kansas City, United States, Nancy’s upbringing was marked by her mother’s unwavering Christian faith and passion for Christ’s work. Raised in a home filled with love and trust in God, Nancy’s foundation was firmly set to follow her calling.

From an early age, Nancy exuded a magnetic energy that drew people closer to her passionate singing.

At just ten years old, she joyfully sang praise songs alongside her devoted mother in their local church. As she blossomed into a young teenager, her musical talents expanded, and at thirteen, she skillfully played the Hammond Organ, mesmerizing the congregation with her awe-inspiring performances.

At eighteen, Nancy’s life took a remarkable turn when Evangelist Kenny Foreman recognized her exceptional talent and invited her to play the organ for his newly established church in Kansas City, Missouri. Although the financial remuneration was modest, Nancy’s determination led her to save diligently and eventually purchase her very first instrument, a cherished piano.

Yet, life’s challenges were not to be overlooked. With her parents’ divorce and limited financial means, Nancy faced hardships. Nevertheless, her unwavering faith in God’s providence and a deep connection to her musical ministry brought forth miracles, reaffirming her conviction that God was by her side every step of the way.

A Rising Star and Anointed Ministry:

At just nineteen years old, Nancy demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills by forming a 28-member choir at Calvary Temple. Guiding and teaching the choir’s members, Nancy’s own voice shone brightly, as she effortlessly sang every part with remarkable energy and conviction.

In 1967, at the age of 28, a divine calling led Nancy into the world of evangelism, joining The Victory Voices to spread the gospel’s message far and wide. Her anointing reached the lives of countless individuals, from churches and schools to street corners and homes of the marginalized.

A pinnacle of her journey came with The Love Special Telecast on TBN in 1974, where she lovingly prepared young minds for their own ministries.

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In 2008, God bestowed upon Nancy a visionary mission – to raise a “new breed” of individuals, steadfast and unyielding to worldly temptations.

Answering this divine call, Nancy birthed the “Mighty Warrior Training Program,” an intensive 5-week experience where she imparts her profound wisdom and understanding of the Word and ministry to young men and women.

As they graduate from the program, these transformed individuals return to their communities with a fiery zeal for God and His mission, forever altering their paths.

Nancy Harmon Today:

In the digital age, Nancy’s ministry has only expanded, as she now ministers on Facebook every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 PM CST. Beyond her singing, Nancy is a mentor, a catalyst for inner-city outreaches, and runs the Love Bus Co., a testament to her love for educating children for ministry and compassionately aiding those in need.

Frequently Asked Question about Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon:

How did Nancy Harmon develop a gift of compassion for hurting people?

During her early years, Nancy Harmon received a special gift of compassion from the Lord for those who were hurting. She would weep uncontrollably when the Holy Spirit placed someone on her heart, showing a deep empathy for the souls in need.

Can you share an example of the unusual outpouring of the Spirit during one of Nancy Harmon’s services?

One Sunday night, before the service began, the choir members were deeply moved by the Spirit in the prayer room.

They experienced manifestations of the Spirit, such as crying out to God, laughing in the Spirit, and speaking in tongues.

The congregation witnessed a remarkable scene as choir members joyfully and spontaneously praised God in various ways.

How did Nancy Harmon’s ministry impact a woman in the third row of the church?

As the choir members were walking down the aisles during a service, everyone in the rows they passed stood up and started praising God.

When they reached the third row, a woman spontaneously jumped to her feet and proclaimed that she was healed. She had a large, inoperable tumor that caused her stomach to swell, but during the choir’s passing, the tumor disappeared, and she was miraculously healed.

Did Nancy Harmon engage in charitable activities outside of her music ministry?

Yes, before she started working at Calvary Temple, Nancy and her mother regularly helped at The Lighthouse Mission on Friday and Saturday nights.

She also sang on their radio program on Sunday afternoons and assisted with the mission’s street meetings in the inner city.

How did Nancy Harmon’s compassion for others drive her to minister to those in need?

During her time at The Lighthouse Mission and witnessing the transformative power of God in delivering inebriated individuals, Nancy’s heart was moved to offer them more meaningful messages through her music. Instead of singing secular songs, she sang songs like “Amazing Grace,” helping them find a deeper connection with God.

What inspired Nancy Harmon’s passion for helping others through her music?

Nancy’s deep compassion for others was ignited at a young age when she fervently prayed for her father’s salvation.

God gave her a heart to reach people through her music, leading her on a remarkable journey of ministry and touching countless lives with the message of love and hope.

How Old is Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer?

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon was born on September 25, 1939, and she is 83 years old as of 2023.

Is Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon still alive?

Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon is alive and well.

Is Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon Married?

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon has never married. She dedicated her entire life to working for Christ and winning souls for Him.


Nancy Harmon’s life is an extraordinary testament to the power of faith, music, and dedication to Christ. As she continues to inspire souls and share the message of salvation worldwide, let it be known that the gifted and anointed gospel singer, Nancy Harmon, is alive and well, tirelessly working to touch more lives and win hearts for the Lord.