Life and story of Gospel Musician Naomi RaineLife and story of Gospel Musician Naomi Raine

By the age of 7, Naomi Raine had already written her first song. That was followed by a number of other live performances and songs. Since then, she has continued to use the talent and gifts that God has given her in order to bring Him glory.

Standing on the word spoken by her parents that “their seed would bless the earth”, Naomi Raine has traveled to countless places sharing the message of Jesus Christ with thousands of people.

She’s best at expressing herself through lyrics & melodies when it comes to music.

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Early Life & Achievements

Naomi is a contemporary singer, songwriter, gospel minister, and most importantly a mother. She is famous for being a member of Maverick City Music, which is a collective of worship music and records by American Tony Brown.

Born on April 9th in New York, Naomi Raine is the daughter of famed gospel singer Lawrence Felder. Inspired by him and her mother Marissa, Naomi has gone on to become one of today’s most sought-after Gospel singers.

However, she has not shared any further information on her year of birth. We couldn’t find anything about her siblings either. But we guess that she is 30 or 31 years old.

Her desire to see the church united lifts her up and urges her to make music that inspires people to be more devoted to their faith. She has always found it easiest to express what she felt through her lyrics & melodies

Naomi is known for being armed with her melodious voice, guitar. She also has been part of Maverick City Music (a contemporary praise music collective & record label based in Atlanta).

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She has such a level of respect that goes unmatched anywhere. Especially with her position at Elevation Church.

Her deep desire to see Christians united and worshipping in power drives her to create music that piques people’s interest and drives them to want more.

This is evident in her first viral single, “Pour Me Out,” which gave language to a young audience desiring to live a surrendered life.

Naomi has been speaking about this message for a long time so she is well-versed in following it and keeping it relevant. And in her past work, including “Back to Eden” – parts 1 and 2, she has enforced the application of this message.

Naomi has been featured on many projects with today’s famous Christian musicians. These include Todd Dulaney, JJ Hairston, Bethel Music, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, and Israel Houghton.

One of Naomi’s joys is singing with her newfound family, Maverick City Music. The band has taken the world by storm over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.

They have been there for each other for many years and their work is beloved by lots of people. I think they’re leading people to the heart of God with their art.

No individual journey is exactly alike but as a member of MaverickCity Music, Naomi has earned multiple awards including, Billboard Music Awards and the Grammy.

Her album, Heart Songs Vol. 2: Adoration, debuted on the iTunes Christian & Gospel charts at #10 and #17 on the Billboard Gospel album sales chart in 2017, a record-breaking accomplishment for an independent artist.

Naomi is featured on numerous tracks, including “Story I’ll Tell”. She had the opportunity to make her film debut in a Maverick City Music movie, called “Christmas with The Chosen.”

Naomi & Jermaine Solomon are happily married and they share three children together. They’ve been raising their kids: Apryl, Kayden, and Savion, together and so far it’s going really well!

When she isn’t a secret chef, she is a Worship Pastor at Fresh StartChristian Center in Mount Vernon and nurturing others’ gifts through her indie record label, The Bridge Collective.

Naomi is passionate about other creative people, specifically those with similar goals. Whether it be through mentoring or being friends, Naomi makes a point of helping them succeed in their vision.

Above all, Naomi’s greatest desire is that God would be glorified – not just through her music but also through her everyday life.

It is no exaggeration to say that this woman has touched so many lives across the globe. She inspires people all around the world, and we hope she can keep holding that torch of faith to keep lighting up the world.

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