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Situated in the heart of Houston, Texas, The Walls Group presents an exciting blend of family dynamics and urban contemporary gospel music. This group, signed to RCA Records, represents a family united in harmony – both musically and personally. Comprised of four siblings, The Walls Group consists of two sisters, Rhea and Ahijah Walls, and two brothers, Darrel and Alic “Paco” Walls.

A Deep Dive into the Walls Family

Originally, The Walls Group debuted with an eponymous album, published on June 11, 2012.

The release shook the Billboard charts with its fresh and inspiring gospel sound. Fast forward to September 2, 2014, their debut studio album, in collaboration with RCA Records and Fo Yo Soul Recordings, made an equally impressive landing, peaking on the Billboard 200.

Born into a family of eight, the quartet has an intriguing backstory. Darrel McGlothen Walls, born on February 8, 1991, and Rhea Walls, born on September 19, 1995, are the eldest siblings in the family. Their younger siblings, Alic (Paco) Walls and Ahijah were born on July 7, 1996, and November 20, 1997, respectively. The Walls Group also includes the four younger siblings – Meechie, Talia, Necco, and China Walls. Let’s delve deeper into their rise to stardom and the obstacles they overcame along the way.

The Making of The Walls Group

Their self-titled album, released by Wall2Wall Entertainment on June 11, 2012, debuted at No. 29 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. This success caught the eye of legendary gospel artist Kirk Franklin, who signed them to Fo Yo Soul Recordings, a division of RCA Records. Their first studio album, “Fast Forward”, released on September 2, 2014, debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 1 on the Top Gospel Albums chart.

Critics raved about the album, with Andy Kellman of AllMusic and Dwayne Lacy of New Release Tuesday each giving it four out of five stars. Daniel Cody of Wade-O Radio said, “It’s not stale, it’s not boring, it’s not repetitive but it is an exciting fresh album”.

Recognition and Awards

The Walls Group received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Gospel Performance/Song at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for their song “Love on the Radio.” At the 30th Stellar Awards, the quartet received nominations for Artist of the Year, Group/Duo of the Year, CD of the Year, Contemporary Group/Duo of the Year, Contemporary CD of the Year, and Music Video of the Year.

The Younger Years: Discovering Their Musical Abilities

Born to musicians Roger and Alicia Walls, the children couldn’t help but be drawn to music from a young age. For years, the Walls household resonated with the harmonious sound of music.

Darrel McGlothen Walls, the eldest member of the Walls Family Singers, displayed exceptional musical ability from an early age. A young girl at Grace Memorial C.O.G.I.C. taught him how to play the tambourine when he was just 12 years old.

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Rhea Walls, the group’s second oldest member, is a bashful soprano with a fantastic voice. Rhea, who is also a skilled pianist and clarinetist, matched pitch even before she could speak. She is also an exceptional athlete who ran track and nearly qualified for the Junior Olympics.

Alic (Paco) Walls, 14 years old, is known for his gruff, deep voice. Paco quickly joined his siblings as the group’s alto. When puberty hit and his voice started faltering, he adjusted and managed to do a little tenor.

The youngest member of the group, Ahijah Walls, has a passion for singing, painting and listening to music. Despite an initial inclination towards gymnastics, she eventually found her love for singing and has since grown into an amazing alto.

Overcoming Scandals and Challenges

Like many stars, The Walls Group also faced its share of controversy. A video leaked showing Darrel Walls kissing another man, causing a stir on social media. Despite the intense scrutiny and the temporary deactivation of his Instagram page, Darrel maintained a stoic response, tweeting, “You Are Good, Oh Lord… You Are Good.”

The incident did cast a shadow on the group’s reputation, but support also came pouring in. Fellow faith leaders and advocates from the LGBT+ community reached out, affirming Darrel and reminding him that his identity and talent are not defined by societal constraints.

As The Walls Group continues its musical journey, they serve as an inspiring testament to the power of faith, family, and the transformative power of gospel music.

Their Message and Musical Mission

The Walls Group strives to connect with younger generations, conveying a positive, uplifting message to anyone willing to listen. Their music is different, and enjoyable, and simultaneously, they aim to be a voice for the unheard.

Their latest CD, “The Other Side”, was released on November 3rd. It quickly climbed the charts with the album’s main song, “My Life”. The album also served as a platform for Ahjah and Rhea to demonstrate their songwriting abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Walls Group

1. Who are the members of The Walls Group?

The Walls Group consists of four siblings: Rhea Walls, Ahijah Walls, Darrel Walls, and Alic “Paco” Walls.

2. Where is The Walls Group from?

The Walls Group originates from Houston, Texas.

3. When was The Walls Group formed?

The Walls Group was formed in 2009. Their first self-titled album was published on June 11, 2012.

4. What genre of music does The Walls Group perform?

The Walls Group is known for its urban contemporary gospel music, which blends traditional and contemporary gospel, soul, and R&B elements.

5. What was their first album?

Their first album is self-titled “The Walls Group,” which was published on June 11, 2012.

6. Have they won any awards?

While The Walls Group hasn’t won any Grammy Awards as of my last update in September 2021, they were nominated for Best Gospel Performance/Song at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for their song “Love on the Radio”. They’ve also received several nominations at the 30th Stellar Awards.

7. Who are their parents?

The Walls Group is made up of the children of Roger and Alicia Walls, also known as mom-and-pop Walls.

8. What was the scandal that involved The Walls Group?

Darrel Walls, a member of The Walls Group, was involved in a scandal when a video of him kissing another man was leaked on social media. The incident sparked controversy and discussions about sexuality and the church.

9. What is their latest album?

As of my last update in September 2021, their latest album is “The Other Side,” released on November 3rd. However, you may want to check their official website or social media pages for the most recent releases.

10. What is their mission as a music group?

The Walls Group aims to reach out to the younger generation, delivering positive and uplifting messages through their music.

They strive to offer an alternative to traditional gospel music that is both enjoyable and empowering.