Things You May Not Know About Tauren WellsThings You May Not Know About Tauren Wells

As an up-and-coming American pop artist, Tauren Gabriel Wells has made his name in the gospel industry these past few years.

Tauren first started as a worship leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Wells initiated his career as the lead singer of the American Christian pop-rock band, Royal Tailor. They were very popular back then.

As a person known to have a deep love for his family and community, Tauren Wells has become an approachable and understanding personality for his contemporary Christian youth.

Below, we will list some of his accomplishments and obstacles that helped him to reach this level of success in such a short time.

Early Life and Achievements

As you may already know, this Christian vocalist Tauren Wells is skilled in introducing intense feeling, dance-oriented pop, and R&B genres of music in his work. Originally, he got the attention of a lot of gospel devotees as Frontman of the CCM band, Royal Tailor.

He then became a solo artist in 2017 with the Grammy-nominated album, Hills and Valleys.

A native of Battle Creek, Michigan, Wells co-founded this faith-based, dance-pop band with DJ Cox, Jeremy Guzman, and Blake Hubbard. Provident Label Group/Sony Music act came out with two albums over their five-year course: Black & White (2011) and Royal Tailor (2013).

They’ve collected two GRAMMY® nominations & the title of New Artist of the Year from the GMA’s Dove Awards.

However, Wells chose to part ways with the group (Royal Tailor) to pursue a solo career. In 2016, Sony CCM imprint Provident Label Group signed him and he released his very first amazing single, “Love Is Action,” followed by the EP Undefeated.

Wells’ first single, “Love Is Action,” first gained momentum on radio channels with a handful of early ads. The song became a viral sensation, as it debuted at No. 33 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart.

Wells went on to debut his next single, “Undefeated,” which featured Reach Records rapper KB.

In a surprising turn of events, the song was featured as the intro to the infamous Dude Perfect’s “World Records Edition” episode on YouTube, which has garnered more than 23 million views since its release.

The intriguing style and genre of “Undefeated”, gave us only a taste of Wells’ dynamic musical capabilities. While talking about this song, he says, “I’m not trying to be famous or cool for the sake of being cool,” he explains. “I want to say something that impacts people.”

Great songs like “Love Is Action” show that this singer’s personality will always be what makes him popular.

“I have more awareness of who I am, what I want to say, and where I want to go,” Wells shares. “I can’t say that I had that at 22.

I feel provoked to do something and I want it to be multi-dimensional. I want the listener to feel inspired, but also to ask questions. I feel like the music is the runway to taking people somewhere.”

The Prisma Worship Arts School

Moreover, not only has Wells taken up a successful music career in his free time, but he and his life partner, Lorna Wells, have also launched Prisma Worship Arts School.

Prisma, a private music academy with two locations in the Houston area, has grown exponentially in a short time thanks to Tauren’s deserving influence.

The academy has already employed 20 “Dream Coaches” and is teaching 100 students the skills of music and vocal mastery. Even as a young wife and mother, Lorna believed that she should champion the idea: “We said from the beginning that this is a family calling.”

Explaining his reasoning for opening this school, Wells has publicly noted, “I feel called to call greatness out of people…As cliche as it sounds, I want to be the one who challenges people’s low expectations and shows them the limitless opportunities they have in life. We all deserve to live our best lives.

Marriage Life and its Obstacles

Marriage Life and its Obstacles
Image source: IG/Tauren Wells

At the release of his new song, “Love is Worth the Fight”, You know when you’ve hit a really hard point in your marriage? And you are working to make it work? That’s what singer Tauren Wells is talking about in this Instagram post.

He notes down a few minor details about the strains of his married life; “My wife and I went through a really hard period of time in our marriage relationship. When I started working with the counselor, I was dealing with a lot of my own issues and she was dealing with her own issues.

These conflicts meant that we were both going through a lot of emotional distress. But amid the chaos, we decided to fight for our love. We wouldn’t give up because we told ourselves we would work it out and find a way to share our love again.”

Tauren and Lorna have three sons, including Kanaan and Lawson. No matter how many hurdles come in their journey, both these individuals are united in their cause of educating the next generation of singers. However, things seem to be going for the best as the family prepares to welcome another kid into the mix.

What’s next for Tauren Wells?

Recently, Tauren Wells has announced his collaboration with four-time Grammy winner H.E.R. to bring a new song to the table. In an emotional and enthusiastic post on Instagram, Wells notes; “This was hard to keep to myself…but y’all finally get to hear an incredible song by an incredible, once-in-a-generation artist, that I was HONORED to be a part of!” The song claims to be a “…message of God’s faithfulness in caring for his people, even when everything else fails,”


As a young child, Tauren claims to have a “really diverse musical upbringing,” with his father introducing him to music by Prince and ZZ Top.

His music taste matured, however, he remained under the influence of mainstream musicians like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, according to the interview with Life of Dad blog. Well is certainly a gospel enthusiast with diverse interests.

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