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In the world of contemporary Christian worship music, few names have resonated as deeply as All Sons & Daughters. The worship duo, consisting of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, captivated audiences with their intimate and acoustic approach to worship. However, despite their popularity and success, a surprising turn of events left fans wondering, “What really happened to All Sons & Daughters?” In this blog, we’ll delve into their musical journey, the controversies they faced, and the reasons behind their eventual disbandment.

How It All Began:

All Sons & Daughters’ story unfolded in 2009 when David Leonard and Leslie Anne Jordan joined forces, signing with Integrity Music in 2010. Their journey included the release of three EPs: “Brokenness Aside: EP No. 1,” “Prone To Wander: A Collection of Hymns EP,” and “Reason To Sing: EP No. 2,” all building anticipation for their first full-length studio album, “Season One,” which was released on March 13, 2012. The album showcased their ability to craft worship music that struck a chord, reaching No. 12 on the Christian Albums chart and No. 5 on the Heatseekers Albums chart. The duo’s dedication to authenticity and their connection with the church marked the essence of their music. Their second album, “Live,” released on April 23, 2013, further solidified their impact, capturing the essence of their live worship experience.

The Birth of Authenticity:

David Leonard, a former member of Jackson Waters, sought a deeper connection with a local body of believers. Leslie Anne Jordan, with a background in worship leading since high school, grappled with a calling into full-time ministry. The two were equally devoted to recording music that was authentic and raw. Both Leslie and David wanted to remain connected to the church body they shared. They joined together to write songs that have been called “unpolished” due to the unedited nature of their music. Both Leslie and David continued to lead worship at their non-denominational church in Franklin, Tennessee, while also recording music and touring the country in concert.

The Farewell Letter:

After taking a year off as a music-making duo, David Leonard and Leslie Jordan – who comprise All Sons & Daughters – announced on February 9, 2018, that they would no longer be making music together. In a poignant letter to their fans, the worship band wrote about their year of rest, prayer, and reflection.

They grappled with the shock of being off the road after seven years, celebrated “Poets & Saints” at the Grammy’s, and dove into their individual dreams and plans at home. Each time they came together to talk about the future of All Sons & Daughters, they struggled to gain a clear picture. With David still involved with Journey church, last December, Leslie and her husband Thomas felt led out of that community.

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This reality made it challenging for them to find the heartbeat for new music. While they could continue to write songs for the “global church,” they felt that it was not true to their original vision for the band. After much prayer and consideration, they decided that their season as a band had come to an end. The decision was not made in haste or out of any discontentment with one another.

They still had the utmost respect for each other and would continue to champion one another into whatever the Lord calls them. Their involvement in music and in one another’s lives would not wane; it would just look different from the previous season. In celebration of their season together, Integrity Music released a collection of All Sons & Daughters’ songs in March.


Since their disbandment, both David Leonard and Leslie Jordan have embraced new opportunities in their respective careers. David continues to be actively involved with Journey Church, maintaining a connection to his roots. Leslie, along with her husband Thomas, embarked on a journey led by faith, transitioning out of their previous community. While the music may have paused, both artists have continued their personal and spiritual exploration, leaving fans intrigued about the unique paths they are forging.

Legacy and Gratitude:

The farewell letter expressed gratitude for the unending support and unexpected opportunities their journey provided. Despite parting ways as a band, David and Leslie emphasized their continued respect and support for each other.

The duo’s involvement in each other’s lives would evolve, and they eagerly anticipated the next chapters of their individual journeys.


As the final chords of All Sons & Daughters reverberate, their legacy lives on in the hearts of fans. The authenticity, vulnerability, and passion embedded in their worship anthems will continue to echo in congregations worldwide. While Leslie Jordan and David Leonard embark on new paths, the collective appreciation for their honest and profound worship songs remains unwavering. All Sons & Daughters may have concluded their season, but the impact of their musical journey will endure, reminding us that every note played and every song sung was a heartfelt offering to the divine. The silence that follows their farewell marks not an end, but the beginning of new melodies waiting to be composed.