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It has never been simple to spread the gospel. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. In some places, you have to fight to make sure that everyone you try to reach hears the word. To spread the gospel, you also have to go to different places where you might face problems. Big Daddy Weave is a band that has shared the gospel in many different ways.

Big Daddy Weave is a group of friends who play Christian music from the present day. The band uses its musical skills to spread the word of God.

They have made several hit songs that their fans appreciate.

Early life and achievements: Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave is a modern Christian rock band that got started in 1998 in Mobile, Alabama.

The group was started by Mike Weaver from Alabama.

He used his nicknames to come up with the name for the band. Somebody from his church called him “Big Daddy” because he was big.

When he was playing football, he also got the nickname “Weave.” He named the band Big Daddy Weave and the Organization when he put it together. After they signed a contract with Nashville Records, they changed the name to Big Daddy Weave.

There are five people in the band Big Daddy Weave. 4 of the participants have been with the group since 1998, but Beihl replaced Jeff Jones and joined in 2013. Each band member does something different. Mike Weaver is a lead singer and plays the guitar. On the other hand, Jay is a bass guitar player.

Joe Shirk plays keypads and saxophones, and she also sings in the background. Jeremy Redmon sings and plays guitar in the band.

Brian Beihl joined the team so he could help out on the drums. Each member of a band does their best to make the group successful.

The participants of Big Daddy Weave met while they were in college at the University of Mobile.

Mike Leader, who started the company, used to lead worship at the church he went to and was involved in many community projects in the area. After his pastor told him to, he traveled to college to learn about the voice. He met the other people in the band, and they decided to start the group.

The significant lead vocalist and songwriting skills of Mike Weaver helped the band become a productive recording and touring act.

They released several albums, such as Neighborhoods. It was released on its own in 2001.

The rest were put out by Fervent. One and Only, which came out in 2002, was one of those songs. Every Time I Breathe came out in 2006, and Thus the Ultimate Collection, a collection of the band’s best songs from the past, came out in 2011.

In 2012, the band’s leader, Mike Weaver, almost called it quits. He asked the other people in the band if they thought the band should break up.

Compass says that Mike didn’t feel connected to God. He didn’t think they were doing everything they could to bring more people closer to God. At one point, they found that almost no one was engaged in their events.

They thought they were no longer supposed to assist the people because not enough people showed up. Later, they prayed and got the courage to keep fighting.

Through their music and sermons, Big Daddy Weave wants to share God’s word with people all over the world.

They want to bring as many people as possible closer to God, so their schedule is full of things they always try to do. At the start of 2017, their goal was to spread the gospel in 25 cities.

The group does more than just sing and preach.

They also help children. As the band’s members went to different places to share the gospel, they met kids who couldn’t get what they needed to live. Most of the kids from developing countries lived in very poor conditions.

The group decided to collaborate with World Vision to help them out. Their sponsor pays for their schooling and general care.

They think that a child’s care is a way to keep God’s promises.

Big Daddy Weave makes and sells t-shirts, pens, and capes with the names of the songs on them. When people buy t-shirts with their logo on them, they get the money that helps them run a few of their programs.

They won a lot of prizes. Their album “Christmas” won Dove’s album of the year award in 2010. Also, the band won two Christian Music Awards in a row, in 2003 and 2004.

Their song “My Story” also won the contemporary song of the year award from Dove. The band was nominated for some awards, which helped the group become well-known. In 2003, their songs were some of the most played, and many TV shows, as well as radio stations, put them on their playlists.

Controversies and Allegations about Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave had a hard time when their bandmate Jason Jay died. He was a bassist, singer, and one of the five people who started the Christian music band Big Daddy Weave. He died on January 2 at the age of 42. His brother, the singer Mike Weaver, who started the band with him in 1998, posted a video about his death on social media the same day. He said that complications from COVID-19 caused his death.

Over the years, Jay Weaver has had health problems because of his diabetes. At the band’s most recent shows, he played bass guitar from a wheelchair. Friends said that what they remembered most about him was his honesty and love.

And Jeff Jones, the band’s drummer until 2013, said, “Everyone who knew Jay and was close to him had the same experience, which was that he was consistent, he adored people, and he constantly pointed to Jesus.”

Jason Jay was the group’s backbone, and he said that he would do whatever was required to be done, whether it was managing products, talking to organizers, loading equipment, or taking care of financial affairs and production management.

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Jones said, “He would simply do it, and do it as if he were doing it for the Lord.”

Mike posted a tearful video on the day Jay died to let fans who had been saying prayers for Jay know what was going on: “I know he can see things, and now, man, I long to see.”

It was a terrible loss for the band. Big Daddy Weave played their first concert since founding partner Jason Weaver died, and lead singer Mike Weaver said that it “hurts so bad” to be on stage after the death of his “best friend.”


Big Daddy Weave is a famous contemporary Christian music band. As it consisted of five members and one of them died fighting COVID-19.

The band faced a very tough time after their best friend and partner, Jay’s death. Whenever they go to a performance on stage, the absence of their friend hurts them the most. But by being motivational to their fans, they keep themselves strong and still work hard for their career. They are devoted to singing to deliver the messages of God.

FAQs about Big Daddy Weave

1. Who is Big Daddy Weave?

Big Daddy Weave is a contemporary Christian band from Mobile, Alabama, formed in 1998.

The band consists of Mike Weaver (lead vocals), Jay Weaver (bass and vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar and vocals), Joe Shirk (saxophone and keyboards), and Brian Beihl (drums).

2. What genre of music does Big Daddy Weave play?

Big Daddy Weave plays contemporary Christian music. Their music style is a blend of pop, rock, and worship, characterized by heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies that resonate with audiences.

3. What are some of Big Daddy Weave’s popular songs?

Some of Big Daddy Weave’s popular songs include “Redeemed,” “Overwhelmed,” “The Lion and the Lamb,” “My Story,” “Alive,” “I Am Redeemed,” and “Audience of One.”

4. Has Big Daddy Weave won any awards?

Yes, Big Daddy Weave has received several awards and nominations in the contemporary Christian music industry. They have won multiple Dove Awards, including awards for Song of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, and Worship Album of the Year.

5. How did Big Daddy Weave get its name?

The name “Big Daddy Weave” comes from a humorous inside joke within the band. Mike Weaver, the lead singer, used to introduce himself as “Big Daddy” during live performances, and the name stuck, eventually becoming the band’s moniker.

6. Is Big Daddy Weave still active?

As of my last update in September 2021, Big Daddy Weave was active in the music industry, regularly touring and releasing new music. However, it’s always a good idea to check for the latest updates to confirm their current status.

7. Does Big Daddy Weave perform live concerts?

Yes, Big Daddy Weave is known for their energetic and powerful live performances. They frequently tour both within the United States and internationally, bringing their music and message to their fans.

8. How can I stay updated on Big Daddy Weave’s latest news and tour dates?

To stay updated on Big Daddy Weave’s latest news, tour dates, and releases, you can follow them on their official website and social media channels. Additionally, subscribing to their newsletter or following them on streaming platforms will also provide you with regular updates.

9. Has Big Daddy Weave released any new music recently?

As of my last update in September 2021, Big Daddy Weave released their most recent album, “When The Light Comes” in 2019. However, they may have released new music or singles after that time, so it’s best to check their discography or streaming platforms for any recent releases.

10. Does Big Daddy Weave have a charitable or philanthropic involvement?

Big Daddy Weave has been involved in charitable endeavors and philanthropy. They have supported various causes and organizations, often using their platform to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian efforts and missions.