What Happened to Anna Golden

Anna Golden is an aspiring writer, worship leader, and musician who is just beginning her career. The 24-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri, began her career as a child actress. She is the youngest of four extremely brilliant siblings.

The singer, who had a strong faith, chose at age 15 to cease being a child celebrity and instead lead worship. Anna Golden is the first artist to be signed to Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s boutique label. She integrates her various musical inspirations to create an original and unified sound.

Early life and achievements

Anna Golden is 23 years old and is from St. Louis, Missouri. She was born into a musical household and began performing and playing guitar and piano at age six.

She subsequently began touring with her brother, Josh Golden, and Radio Disney.

Anna had spent most of her life auditioning in Los Angeles by the time she reached her early teens.

She had a manager before she was even old enough to drive, and she often performed for Radio Disney and other prominent entertainment sources.

Anna states, “My three siblings, John, Liz, and Josh, are all involved in popular music or acting.” “I began my life in the mainstream, but at the age of 15, I told my parents that the constant attention was too much for me.”

She is now employed in the worship ministry, which is her actual calling. Anna states, “I enjoyed being in charge of worship since nobody paid me any attention.” “All praise should be directed toward God”

Despite being impacted by a great deal of modern and contemporary music, Anna has always had a passion for worship.

Anna has been called to lead the nations since the age of 12 when she led her first worship hymn.

At the age of 16, Anna became a full-time member of staff at her family church, Faith Church St. Louis. After barely two years, Anna was appointed to oversee the entire worship department.

This means she was responsible for more than sixty musicians and singers across four campuses. Many people would consider this a challenging job for an eighteen years old woman.

Anna, on the other hand, had a significant blessing in her life, therefore she assumed the position with the poise of a 20-year veteran.

For Anna Golden, the road to becoming a national recording artist was anything but a predictable path from the church pew to the sanctuary stage.

Anna’s first song, “Take Me There,” was played for the first time at Israel Houghton’s Deeper Conference in August 2015. From then on, the song made its way to churches and worshipers all over the world. Anna herself best explains why “Take Me There” has touched so many people: “Take Me There is the heart cry of the next generation of worshipers, who, like Moses, are begging God to show His glory!”

Anna’s 2016 EP “Changing Me” and “Still Small Voice” came out after the success of her single “Take Me There.” The record was number one on the iTunes music charts for almost four months.

In 2017, Tasha Cobbs Leonard planned the recording session that would lead to the release of her landmark album Heart.

Tasha told all of her close friends, including Adrienne Grimsley, one of the pastors at the church where Anna worked. She asked, “Who is taking care of you right now?” In response, Adrienne sent Anna’s EP.

Tasha, the worship leader who won a GRAMMY and became famous around the world with her hit song “Break Every Chain” went to Anna’s social media profiles to watch videos of her leading worship. Anna states, “That had a big effect on Tasha.”

She wrote me an email about it. I’ll never forget opening that email and seeing that I was asked to be part of the recording.”

She asked if Anna would be on the show “Gracefully Broken.” Anna sang background vocals for Tasha when she went on tour and when she was the worship pastor at a local church.

Anna Golden got a lot of attention on the internet in late March 2020, when she, her sister Liz Golden, and pop star Selena Gomez posted a stripped-down version of the worship song “The Blessing” to Instagram.

At the time, the world was just starting to feel the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Anna’s song “Peace” got a lot of praise from critics and fans in the mainstream and worship communities because of the post. “Peace” started as a private way for Anna to express how she felt, but it quickly turned into a piece of music that she knew would help people who often feel worried and depressed.

Golden is also showing the live video for the song “Rushing In” with Tasha Cobbs Leonard and the official music video for “ALL THINGS.”

Anna is very concerned about the worship teams in her church. She hopes that by going to different parts of the country and holding worship nights, she can give other young worshipers the same passion for God that she has.

She wants to teach other people what she has learned about leading worship and writing songs that bring glory to God.

Controversies and Allegations about Anna Golden

Anna Golden received all of her singing inspiration and courage from her parents.

She said that when her parents were young adults, she watched them worship from a young age. When she was a child, her family was constantly singing and writing worship songs.

We might therefore conclude that singing is her birthright. Unfortunately, her parents passed away before she achieved professional success.

Her parents were unable to witness their daughter’s professional advancement.

This is the most distressing aspect for Anna Golden. Her parents’ passing was a devastating loss for her. Anna Golden maintained her accomplishments for the sake of her parents’ aspirations.


Anna’s voice, surrounded by warm pads and dreamy strings, is soothing and pure. It pours over listeners like soothing water.

Anna reveals, “I use my voice as just an instrument.” “When I sing, I often picture the notes being painted onto the instruments with a paintbrush on a canvas.”

On “Peace,” alongside the other tracks she has composed for her major-label debut, Anna is now realizing the global effect of the talent she accepted so long ago at that youth gathering. She is intent on using her music to guide the people and impart God’s message to them.

FAQ – Anna Golden

Who is Anna Golden and what is her background?

Anna Golden is a 24-year-old aspiring writer, worship leader, and musician from St. Louis, Missouri. She began her career as a child actress but decided to shift to lead worship at the age of 15. Anna is the youngest of four talented siblings, and her musical journey started at an early age with her family’s support.

What are Anna Golden’s early achievements?

Anna’s early life was marked by her involvement in music and performing arts.

She started playing guitar and piano at the age of six and even toured with her brother, Josh Golden, and Radio Disney. By her early teens, she had been auditioning in Los Angeles and performing for Radio Disney.

At 16, she became a full-time staff member at her family church, where she eventually oversaw the entire worship department.

What is Anna Golden’s significant musical success?

Anna’s breakout song “Take Me There” was first played at Israel Houghton’s Deeper Conference in August 2015. The song gained widespread popularity, touching the hearts of worshipers worldwide. Her 2016 EP “Changing Me” and “Still Small Voice” achieved remarkable success, with “Take Me There” topping the iTunes music charts for almost four months.

How did Anna Golden get noticed by Tasha Cobbs Leonard?

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, a prominent worship leader, and GRAMMY winner, noticed Anna through her EP, which was sent by one of the pastors at Anna’s church.

Tasha was deeply moved by Anna’s worship-leading videos on social media and invited her to participate in the recording of her landmark album “Heart.” This collaboration further boosted Anna’s visibility in the worship community.

What controversies and allegations surround Anna Golden?

Anna Golden’s parents were a significant source of inspiration and support for her music. Unfortunately, they passed away before witnessing her professional success, which was a devastating loss for Anna. Despite this, she continued to achieve success in her career as a tribute to her parents’ aspirations.

How is Anna Golden using her music to impact others?

Anna Golden sees her voice as an instrument to convey God’s message to people. Her soothing and pure voice, combined with her original and unified sound, aims to guide and comfort listeners. Through her worship ministry, she hopes to inspire and teach other young worshipers, sharing her passion for God and worship across the country.

What is Anna Golden’s vision for her music?

Anna’s vision for her music is to create a global impact by reaching people with the message of peace and hope.

She aims to use her talent to inspire and uplift those who are worried or struggling. With her music, she seeks to bring glory to God and make a difference in people’s lives.

What is the significance of the song “Peace” in Anna Golden’s career?

The song “Peace” gained immense praise from both mainstream and worship communities. Originally a private expression of her feelings, the song resonated with many who struggle with worries and depression. Through “Peace” and her other compositions, Anna continues to touch the hearts of worshipers worldwide.

How does Anna Golden approach her music?

Anna views her voice as an instrument and envisions the notes painted onto instruments like a canvas. Her approach to music is deeply rooted in her faith and desire to convey God’s message through her talents.

What are Anna Golden’s plans for the future? Anna Golden aims to continue her worship ministry and hold worship nights in different parts of the country. She wants to pass on her knowledge and passion for worship to other young worshipers, helping them discover their gifts and bring glory to God through their music.