israel houghton

The Grammy award winner, lyricist, producer, worship leader, composer, and player of many instruments. Israel Houghton is a Christian American musician, who has done a lot for the Christian community. 

He is recognized for his Christian music, which combines gospel, jazz, rock, and reggae styles. Most of the time, he is known as Israel and New Breed.

He is a man with a very fascinating story and some serious controversies. Let’s take a look at what really happened.

Early Days of Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton was born in the U.S. city of Oceanside on May 19, 1971. His race is a mix of African American and American, and he is an American. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a big body. Margaret Houghton is his mother’s name, but no one knows who his father is.

He says in an interview that he grew up in a white family, but that his real father was black. Henry Houghton is the name of his stepfather.

He also has 3 half-siblings from the second marriage of his mother and 3 half-sisters from his biological father’s side.

Meleasa is a well-known gospel singer. Houghton met him at his church in Pittsburgh.

In 1994, they got married. Both of them worked on music as well as their ministry together.

They had three kids: Mariah, Milan Lily, Israel II, and Israel II. The couple broke up in 2015, and on February 22, 2016, they got a divorce. On November 11, 2016, Houghton married Adrienne Bailon for the second time in Paris. She sings and also hosts TV shows.

In 1989, Houghton chose to do Worship Ministry full-time. In 1995, he and his wife, Meleasa, along with a band of musicians and singers, started a group called “New Breed Ministry.”

Israel’s Rise to Fame:

The main reason this group was started was to help people from different cultures and religions get along. The band went on a tour of the US to bring the powerful voice of “Ministry” to churches.

With the song “Whisper it Loud” in 1997, he started making records. Israel & New Breed’s first album, “New Season,” came out in 2001. It was their first album since “Sony.” “Real,” their first album, came out in 2002, and “Live from Another Level,” their second album, came out in 2004.

Michael Gungor‘s first album, “Bigger than My Imagination,” which came out in 2003, was produced by him. The album did well, and a review in “Christianity Today” called it “one of the best worship albums of the year.” “Alive in South Africa” is another live album.

This was recorded in Cape Town, South Africa, where they played for 8,000 people.

In 2006, Houghton released a Christmas album called “Timeless Christmas.” The next one was called “A Deeper Level,” and it came out on September 4, 2007.

In 2009, he put out his first studio album by himself, called “The Power of One.” It has fan-favorite songs like “Power of One,” “Everywhere I Go,” and “Moving Forward.”

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All of these songs concern the relationship between God and his followers. “Just Wanna Say” is a song that you can dance to. “Every Prayer,” which features Mary Mary, is a strong gospel ballad. “You Found Me” is a catchy song.

“Love God, Love People” came out on August 31, 2010, and “London Sessions” also came out in 2010. “Decade,” a two-disc album with 26 tracks that cover the artist’s entire career, came out on March 5, 2012.

On August 14, 2012, a live album called “Jesus at the Center” came out. Covered: Alive in Asia is a live album that was recorded during the group’s tour of Asia in 2015. Eleven of his 13 albums were put out by his record label, called “Integrity.”


Houghton has won two “Stellar” awards and eleven “Dove” awards. He has won all 6 Grammys, including the “Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album Award” three times, for his albums “A Deeper Level” in 2000, “Power of One” in 2010, and “Love God, Love People” in 2011. For his album “Alive in South Africa,” which came out in 2007, he won the “Grammy” award for “Best Traditional Gospel Album.”

In 2013, his song “Your Presence Is Heaven” won the “Grammy” for “Best Contemporary Christian Song.” In 2015, the “Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album” went to his album “Covered: Alive in Asia.”

Controversies and allegations of Israel Houghton

As we know that the multi-talented American singer Israel Houghton’s ethnicity is mixed with American and African American he has been disliked for this. He was an unexpected child. In an interview, he said, 

My mother got pregnant when she was 17. She told her parents, “I’m pregnant, and the father is black,” when she got home. “Have an abortion,” was the idea. She said, “No, I’m keeping the baby.” Her parents didn’t see each other very often.

When I was seven, I managed to meet my granddad for the very first time. My cousins and younger siblings ran up to him and jumped on his lap. So I thought, I should do the same. So I ran and jumped up on his lap.

The next thing I remember, I was on my back. I fell because he pushed me. Still, he couldn’t come to terms with this cultural issue. “What’s wrong with me?” I just asked. Why?’

This feeling of rejection and negligence always made him feel heartbroken. But when he made his relationship strong with God, he realized that sometimes grief comes not to hurt you but to shape you.

Another difficult period of his life was when he realized that he had failed and sinned in his marriage.

He told his family, friends, and fans that he was sorry for cheating on Meleasa Houghton, his wife of 20 years. He said.

“It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that Meleasa and I are getting a divorce after more than 2 decades of marriage and a long time apart.” I ended up in failure and sinned over my marital relationship a few years ago. I am trying to make things right, and I am sorry for what I did. Even though I’m truly sorry and have been forgiven, I know that I’ll have to deal with the effects of my mistakes for the remainder of my life.”


Grammy award-winning American music artist Israel Houghton has faced many of the toughest stages throughout his life, but he kept going on with determination. Without the support of his parents, he worked hard in his career to be successful. 

He helped himself and touched the peak of success, believing that “God helps those who help themselves”. He is loved worldwide for his music. His music is a source of strength for many people.

So, What do you think about Israel Houghton?