we the kingdom

We The Kingdom is a famous American contemporary Christian music band that is part of the Capitol Christian Music Group. 

The band is made up of family members from different generations: We the Kingdom has become a big name in modern Christian music very quickly, and now they want the whole world to know how powerful God is. 

The name of the band comes from the phrase “the kingdom of God is among us.” Besides their amazing name, they’ve helped millions of people to know & reconcile with God.

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Early Days of We The Kingdom

We the Kingdom is an American contemporary Christian music group that was started in Georgia and is based in Nashville. The group that makes modern Christian music.

The family band, which includes brothers Scott Cash and ED Cash, daughter of Ed, Franni, his son Martin, and a close friend named Andrew Bergthold, has been around since all the Cash brothers were young.

Their father played the guitar and their mother played the piano, so there was always music in their house. Even though Ed and Scott were 11 years apart in age, when they were in their teens and early 20s, they both went on similar paths as traveling artists and were given the chance to be deeply invested in the Young Life ministry. But when they each had children, they had to put their dreams of becoming artists on hold.

Musical Career

After getting off the road to spend more quality time with his growing family, Scott started writing and producing with his brother Ed. The brothers also wrote many songs together, including “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies).” Even though they didn’t want to be artists anymore, both brothers kept on leading worship and playing music at Young Life camps.

On August 16, 2019, they created the song “Dancing on the Waves” to play the song at a Young Life camp occasion. This was the first time they all performed together, and the song was about a hard time they had all just been through dealing with church abuse.

The band’s second single, “Holy Water,” came out in September 2019. “Holy Water” became the band’s first big hit, reaching No. 2 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. Live Just at Wheelhouse, the band’s first EP came out in October 2019. The Top Christian Albums Chart put Live at the Wheelhouse at No. 3.

The third single from the album was “Don’t Tread on Me”. It came out on April 24, 2020. It reached its highest position on the Hot Christian Songs chart at No. 40. “God So Loved” by We the Kingdom came out on May 29, 2020. It reached the top of the Hot Christian Songs chart at number 4. 

We the Kingdom announced on July 3, 2020, that their first new studio album, Holy Water, will come out on August 7, 2020. They also released “Child of Love” as the initial single to promote the album. The 2nd promotional single from Holy Water, “No Doubt About It,” came out on July 24, 2020. On August 7, 2020, we, the Kingdom, put out Holy Water. The album debuted at No. 4. The band put out “Light of the World” as a single on October 30, 2020. The highest that “Light of the World” got on the Hot Christian Songs chart was No. 29.

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We the Kingdom was nominated for four awards at the 51st GMA Dove Awards in October 2020: New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year for “Holy Water,” and Rock Album of the Year for Live at the Wheelhouse. However, the band only won the New Artist of the Year award. We the Kingdom was named the Top New Christian Artist of 2020 by Billboard. The fifth single from Holy Water, “Child of Love” with Needtobreathe’s Bear Rinehart, came out on January 29, 2021. 

The highest that “Child of Love” got on the Hot Christian Songs chart was No. 5. We the Kingdom got two nominations for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, which was held in March 2021. “Holy Water” was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song, as well as Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

We the Kingdom was nominated for three 2021 GMA Dove Awards: Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year; Pop Album of the Year for Holy Water, & Worship Recorded Song of the Year for “God So Loved.” The band won the GMA Dove Awards for Contemporary Christian Artist as well as Contemporary Album of the Year for Holy Water.

Controversies and allegations: We The Kingdom

Just like other successful and famous music bands, We The Kingdom also faced difficult times in their career. The most important and brilliant member of the band, Franni Rae Cash, who is the songwriter and singer, faced a dark time that was a threat to the band.

She talked about a hard moment in life when she was spiritually abused and hurt herself to deal with it. Then came sadness and worry. But Franni told the Trevor Talks podcast in an honest conversation, “Wherever the enemy attacks us the most is just where God commands to use us the most.”

She was able to heal in the end because she spent time in God’s presence and had the guidance of her band members, who are also her family. Because of this, We The Kingdom has kept focusing on making sure everyone is healthy and happy. Even counseling is something the band does together. Franni keeps this in mind even when she’s on tour, which she says is often much harder than people think. Franni has learned that her anxious thoughts are signs that she needs to pay attention to them before they take over.

Franni says, “I’m starting to learn about healthy rhythms so I don’t feel like this crazy thing is taking over my life, but so I can keep an eye on it.” “I am kind to myself and learn these patterns to stay healthy.”


Contemporary Christian music band We The Kingdom is a favorite band of millions of people. Consisting of multiple generations of a family, they produce music of multiple tastes. They have released many outstanding songs and won many awards for them. 

For We The Kingdom, their truthful worship had helped to lead them a complete circle to this moment. They are so happy that some of their most important dreams are coming true.