A Journey of Worship: Jeremy Riddle's Musical AwakeningA Journey of Worship: Jeremy Riddle's Musical Awakening

Join us as we dive into the extraordinary journey of worship leader and songwriter, Jeremy Riddle.

In this enchanting interview, Jeremy takes us back to his roots, recounting the profound impact of his parents’ spiritual awakening during the Jesus Movement.

From their hunger for more of God to his early exposure to contemporary worship, we uncover the transformative moments that set the stage for Jeremy’s musical voyage.

So buckle up and get ready to experience the rich tapestry of Jeremy Riddle’s life, faith, and devotion to worship.

From Stability to Searching:

Picture this: a small town in the charming Mount Holly Township of New Jersey. That’s where our musical protagonist, Jeremy Riddle, made his grand entrance onto the scene.

Jeremy’s journey begins within the context of stable and normal family life. His parents, having found salvation during the Jesus Movement, were on a relentless quest for a deeper encounter with God.

This hunger led them to join YWAM (Youth With A Mission), where the seeds of Jeremy’s passion for worship were sown. It was at the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii, that Jeremy had his first taste of contemporary worship, igniting a spark within his heart.

Discovering the Vineyard:

Relocating to Southern California, Jeremy’s family found themselves attending the Vineyard Church, where his father’s unwavering pursuit of worship movements led them.

At the age of 13, something profound happened to Jeremy during a worship service at the Vineyard. Unable to articulate the depth of his experience, he was drawn to worship and became intimately connected to the transformative power of music.

The Vineyard became a fertile ground for his spiritual and artistic growth.

Immersed in a Culture of Worship:

As Jeremy reflects on those formative years, he vividly recalls the influential worship leaders who graced the Anaheim Vineyard stage. Eddie Espinoza, Andy Park, Brian Doerksen, and David Ruis, among others, became beacons of inspiration and models of heartfelt worship.

Jeremy was immersed in a culture that valued authenticity and vulnerability, where worship wasn’t about performance but about pouring out one’s heart to God.

These holy moments of divine connection shaped Jeremy’s understanding of worship, paving the way for his own musical expressions.

It was the day his debut album, Full Attention, was unleashed upon the world. The impact was immediate, with the record soaring up to No. 47 on the prestigious Billboard Top Christian and Gospel Albums Chart. And let’s not forget about the single that took the airwaves by storm – “Sweetly Broken.”

This gem not only climbed to No. 19 on both the Billboard Hot Christian Songs and Christian Airplay Charts but also became a beloved anthem for contemporary worship.

But Jeremy wasn’t content with just one triumph. In 2009, he graced us with another captivating offering called The Now and Not Yet.

Released through Varietal Records, this album was more than just a collection of songs. It was a heartfelt endeavor to create fresh expressions of worship that would uplift and enlighten believers while exalting the Creator. And guess what? The music world couldn’t resist its allure.

The Now and Not Yet secured spots on not one, but two respected charts: Billboard’s Hot Christian Albums format and the Top Heatseekers.

Now, let’s talk about “Bless His Name,” the first single off Jeremy’s latest creation.

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This little masterpiece was written by none other than his talented friend, Tony Sanchez.

And boy, did it make waves! It found its place on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart, captivating listeners with its melodic brilliance and reaching an admirable position.

But the story doesn’t end there. Jeremy had more in store for us, unveiling not one but two remarkable albums: Prepare The Way: Live in 2010 and Furious in 2011.

These records were a feast for the ears, leaving fans craving more of Jeremy’s soul-stirring melodies.

Now, imagine a picturesque California town called Redding. From September 2011 to June 2019, Jeremy found himself in the heart of it all, serving as the worship community pastor at none other than Bethel Church.

Week after week, he guided the congregation in worship, igniting hearts and spirits. And his influence didn’t stop there.

Jeremy made frequent appearances on albums by Bethel Music, becoming a key figure in their creative journey.

His fingerprints were all over the place, from co-writing and performing songs like “This is Amazing Grace” and “In Your Light” from the critically acclaimed album For the Sake of the World.

Oh, “This is Amazing Grace”! It wasn’t just any song.

It was a powerful anthem, born from the collaboration between Jeremy Riddle, Phil Wickham, and Josh Farro, and skillfully produced by the talented Pete Kipley.

That extraordinary creation ascended to the coveted No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Songs chart in 2014, etching its name into the hearts of believers across the globe.

Now, fast forward to 2019, when a new chapter unfolds. Jeremy and his wife received a divine calling, beckoning them back to the sunny shores of Southern California.

The stage was set at Vineyard Anaheim, where they stepped into their roles as Worship, Creativity, and Prayer Pastors.

Their arrival injected fresh life into the vibrant community, as they shared their unique talents with enthusiasm and passion.

More Caught Than Taught:

The impact of Jeremy’s journey cannot be attributed solely to teachings or lectures. Instead, it was the environment of worship, where hearts were laid bare, that left an indelible mark on his soul.

As he witnessed the passionate worship of others, he absorbed the essence of what it means to worship authentically.

The experiences of those around him served as powerful lessons, nurturing his own artistic expression and guiding him toward a profound connection with God through music.

The Continuation of a Wild Journey:

Jeremy’s journey continues to unfold with a wild and unwavering commitment to worship.

Drawing inspiration from the giants of worship he encountered, he has emerged as a luminary in his own right.

With a unique voice and an ability to craft melodies that stir the soul, Jeremy’s songs have touched the lives of countless individuals around the world.

His dedication to pouring out his heart and leading others into divine encounters is a testament to the transformative power of worship.

Why did Jeremy Riddle leave Bethel?

Having witnessed the maturation of the Bethel Music Collective, Jeremy Riddle believed that it was the opportune moment to spread his wings and pursue a solo career.

He recognized the incredible growth, both quantitatively and qualitatively, of the collective, which had developed a confident and distinct creative identity under the guidance of executive producers Pete King and Ed Cash.

Riddle’s decision to move on was not a result of dissatisfaction but rather a natural progression of his own artistic journey.

Despite venturing into uncharted territory, Jeremy Riddle’s departure from Bethel Music does not signify a complete severing of ties. On the contrary, he remains deeply committed to the vision and values of Bethel and intends to support their endeavors in any way possible.

Riddle’s unwavering belief in the goodness and guidance of the Lord ensures that his connection with Bethel remains steadfast, even as he explores new avenues of artistic expression.

As Jeremy Riddle embarks on his solo journey, he enters a realm of creative exploration and personal growth.

The decision to step out from the shadow of the Bethel Music Collective signifies his desire to carve his own path and push the boundaries of his artistry. With an unwavering commitment to the presence of God’s goodness and guidance in his life, Riddle is poised to pioneer new frontiers in the realm of worship music.


Jeremy Riddle’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of worship and the profound influence of divine encounters.

From the early days of his parents’ spiritual awakening to his immersion in a culture of authentic worship, Jeremy’s life has been shaped by a deep passion for God and music.

His ability to capture the essence of worship in his own melodies has made him a beacon of inspiration for worship leaders and music enthusiasts alike.

As we conclude this extraordinary journey, we are reminded of the beautiful connection between music, faith, and the pursuit of God’s presence. May Jeremy Riddle’s story continue to inspire us to unleash our own melodies of worship and draw closer to the heart of God.