The Extraordinary Journey of Hannah McClure and Paul in Bethel MusicThe Journey of Hannah McClure and Paul in Bethel Music

Hannah McClure and Paul, the dynamic duo behind Bethel Music, share a remarkable story of love, faith, and musical passion. From their humble beginnings as teenage worship team members to becoming influential leaders in the worship music industry, their journey is a testament to the power of following one’s calling. Join us as we dive into their inspiring tale and discover how they found their purpose and embraced their roles as leaders of Bethel Music.

A Serendipitous Meeting:

Fate played its hand when Hannah McClure’s father moved to High Point, North Carolina, where Paul also resided as a preacher’s kid (PK).

The worship team at their local church needed a drummer, and Paul, although a self-proclaimed “sort of” drummer, stepped up to the plate. Meanwhile, Hannah, a bass player, joined the team as well. Little did they know that this musical connection would be the start of a beautiful journey together.

Love and Worship Unite:

Their bond grew as they continued playing on the worship team, both driven by a shared love for music and God. At the tender age of 16, they began dating, embarking on a journey of faith and worship that would span over 15 years.

Their mutual passion for leading worship became the foundation of their relationship and paved the way for their future endeavors.

Discovering Bethel Music:

In 2010, Hannah and Paul attended a worship school hosted by Bethel Music, a renowned worship ministry.

The experience deeply resonated with them, as they fell in love with the community, the people, and the divine work happening at Bethel. After returning to their home church in North Carolina, they couldn’t shake off the longing to be a part of Bethel Music.

Paul & Hannah McClure Answering the Call:

In 2012, Hannah and Paul made the life-changing decision to move to Redding, California, and immerse themselves in the Bethel Music community.

They initially served on weekends, leading worship at the church. Two years later, they joined the staff of Bethel’s worship school, further honing their skills and nurturing their passion. In 2015, they took the helm of the worship department, embracing their roles as leaders.

The Beauty of Local Church and Global Impact: Hannah oversees the worship department at Bethel Church during the week, while Paul and Hannah travel with Bethel Music, bringing their music and message to audiences worldwide.

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They cherish the opportunity to be involved in the local church and witness the transformation that worship brings to individuals’ lives. Their roles in both the local church and global ministry allow them to connect with people on a personal level while impacting a broader audience.

The Honor of Running with Heroes: For Hannah and Paul, being part of Bethel Music means running alongside their heroes.

They are humbled and grateful to collaborate with worship leaders and musicians who have inspired them throughout their journey.

Bethel Music’s pursuit of excellence and anointing resonates deeply with their own vision, and they consider themselves blessed to be part of a community that shares their burning passion for God and worship.

Drawing Close to Leadership and Plugging In:

One valuable piece of advice from Hannah and Paul is the significance of staying connected to and learning from trusted leaders.

They emphasize the importance of plugging into a community and actively seeking guidance from those who have gone before them. Being under the leadership’s guidance provides a nurturing environment for growth and accountability, ensuring that individuals stay aligned with their purpose and continue to deepen their faith.

They vividly recall their time in smaller churches, where they took on multiple roles, from handling finances to maintenance and even cleaning out trash. Looking back, they take pride in those seasons, realizing that being faithful in the seemingly insignificant tasks is an expression of their commitment to the Lord.

They encourage others to embrace similar opportunities and trust that God is faithful in honoring their faithfulness.


Hannah McClure and Paul’s journey from teenage sweethearts to worship leaders in Bethel Music is a testament to the power of following God’s calling and embracing one’s passion.

Their love for each other and their shared devotion to worship have been instrumental in shaping their path. As they continue to serve in both the local church and global ministry, Hannah and Paul inspire countless individuals to pursue their dreams, follow their calling, and impact the world through their gifts.

Their story reminds us that when love, faith, and music intertwine, extraordinary things can happen.