Is Lauren Daigle really a Christian?Is Lauren Daigle really a Christian?

Over the past year, Lauren Daigle has been showcasing her talent on shows usually reserved for mainstream music. Starting from appearances on “Good Morning America,” “Dancing With the Stars” and “The Tonight Show”, she is making great strides in her career.

2018 for example, was a very busy one for Daigle. She won the Billboard Awards, and Dove Awards and performed on a few TV shows. She also released her second album, appeared on The Tonight Show and The Ellen DeGeneres show – and shot up the Billboard charts.

As her music becomes more and more mainstream, it’s also getting featured on widely popular TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now that she’s in the limelight, many are now wondering what else is next musically for the Louisiana native singer.

The more attention Daigle’s music gets, the more popularity she will gain, which is good for the industry and the gospel community in general.

And the more eyeball you get, the more people will pay attention to what you say. In a recent Facebook post, Daigle stated:

“Hey, y’all… I’ve always seen God move profoundly in my year when I dedicate time to fasting. There is something transcendent about a mind, spirit, and body reset that allows stillness to walk with us. I’m awaiting the secrets to be revealed. There is nothing like the mysteries unfolding before your eyes. The power of prayer and intentionality of faith are a divine force to be reckoned with.

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If you want to join me, feel free. I’m deleting my IG while I’m on it. All the love to you and yours in 2022.“

This might not sit well with some Christians, as Spencer Smith, a very respected Christian commentator on YouTube, said:

If you like Christian music and pop culture, then it’s likely you’ve heard about this controversy over Lauren Daigle,

Frequently billed as a Christian artist, some of her fan base wasn’t too happy with that answer, calling her out and suggesting she was not staying true to her roots.

Some people have also expressed concern about the transcendental focus, as well as the body reset which is primarily aligned with occultism.

If you read secular meditation books, you would find this word mentioned a number of times.

From the perspective that the Bible has a lot of things to say and can be acknowledged in many ways, we will focus on what it says about this question.

No hate on Daigle here. We just want to show some facts for you, and let you decide for yourself. Our thoughts are this, we listen to Daigle’s songs too – probably every day.

The main question remains, is this Christian? Or are we just taking things out of context? Let us know in the comments. What do you have to say about this?

It is easy to have opinions depending on what we know and what we’ve learned, but with the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, you can give a true opinion from God’s perspective.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next article.