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Tennessee-based recording artist Mackenzie Morgan has gone viral after she posted on social media that she will not stay silent anymore, regarding Bethel Music, Elevation Church, and Hillsong Worship in protest of what she considers heretical teachings.
The question is why? What happened?

The Viral Video of Mackenzie Morgan

Mackenzie Morgan, a singer/songwriter from Tennessee, is slowly but steadily making a name for herself. On the 12th of July, 2021, Morgan wrote a post in facebook with her thoughts on false teachings in today’s worship music. With over 11,000 shares as of Tuesday afternoon, this is an issue many people are interested in.

Morgan argued that these songs are leading people to “feel good while they sin.” After studying mainstream worship music, the 25-year-old worship leader said she had a feeling of grief and sadness. She then mentioned popular worship groups Hillsong, Elevation Worship and Bethel Music.

“Maybe it’s time we start looking at the Scriptures to see what God truly calls for in worship and get over what we want,” she said.

Though listing the problems with modern worship songs is too much work, Morgan specifically pointed to the teachings of Steven Furtick, lead pastor of North Carolina megachurch Elevation. “… I cannot support these churches such as Elevation and the teachings of Steven Furtick. For his belief in modalism, which is the belief that God is not one being and three persons, but that God switches into ‘modes’ of each person of the Trinity. Folks, that is heresy,” she argued.

A Charlotte-based Christian group previously criticized Furtick for his wrong views of the Trinity. They pointed out that he quoted John 16:7, “But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away.”

“How could you say something like that, Jesus?” Furtick said. “How could you say it is good that you are leaving us? We followed you, we trusted you and now you’re going away.”

“No, I am not leaving you,” Furtick continued, imitating Jesus. “I am changing forms. Up until now, I have walked with you, but when I send my Spirit, I will be in you. So, I am not leaving you, I’m just changing locations.”

Furtick’s comments have been called “twisted” by the group which accused him of promoting a modalist doctrine. Elevation’s website, however, says that they hold to a traditional view of Trinity.

Morgan shared that she has a lot of qualms with Bethel Music and that it’s not hard to understand why, a sentiment she believes should be ‘pretty obvious’.

Bethel Church is often criticized for its focus on supernatural ministry. Many critics accuse Church leaders Bill and Beni Johnson of heresy.

Bill Johnson has come under scrutiny for claiming that is always God’s will to heal someone. He was accused of grave-soaking for posting photos of himself lying atop the graves of iconic individuals such as C.S. Lewis.

Beni Johnson has also been criticized for her work in angelology. Previously, she explained that there can be different types of angels: messenger angels, healing angels, and fiery angels.

Some have fallen asleep and are currently staying until they awake to do their jobs again.

“Theology matters,” Morgan said. “I can’t emphasize this enough. If a song is not accurate in its theology and does not reflect the Holiness of our God, then it’s worthless.

The prosperity Gospel preached by some churches does not match the message found in scripture.

It matters that churches pay royalties to other churches. This helps spread the gospel and is important for those who use their music in the worship service.

The singer who previously supported these churches regrets her actions. She feels she has opened doors for false teachings to spread and does not want others to feel as misled as she did.

“What if the majority of the church is leading its people astray singing music that is less than worthy of a Sovereign and Holy God?” she asked.

Morgan said that Leviticus 10:1-3 indicates that “God disapproved of false worship” and urged the people to compare worship music with Scripture.

“There are no gray areas in God’s Word,” she said.

She finished her post with a recommendation of songs by City Alight and Sovereign Grace Music.

The same post received around 5 thousand comments:

The majority is a big supporter: like this user who said:

Rosilee St Nicholas: I’ve never liked this music I couldn’t understand why my spirit was always grieved or irritated I stumbled upon this information now I’m getting my answers, even the United pentecostal church the church has always had incredible music, and singers we were the leaders in the best singers are going to these songs in this type of worship.

If it’s not 100% about the Lord Jesus the Almighty If it’s not all about him Then it is not right it’s got to be all about Jesus Jesus our Lord and savior“.

and Ellis said: ”I’m glad some people are waking up and realizing this article is right on so much false churches with their big lights and crowds. Be careful and in prayer.” another user called Angela said: “Amen to all of this“.

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In a follow-up video clip, Morgan thanked everyone for their support and kind words. She acknowledged that she anticipated getting some criticism, but instead was surprised by how many well-meaning people reached out.

Morgan says that she is currently working with her church’s worship ministry to help answer questions and be a reliable source of information.

So, what are your thoughts, regarding this topic