Who is really Maryanne J. GeorgeWho is really Maryanne J. George

Early Life & Achievements

Maryanne J. George was born in Queens, New York, United States of Malayalee origin. She is over 26 years old as of 2022, and she usually celebrates her birthday with friends and family.

She is known as a dynamic worship leader/songwriter/ musician and now a mother who is passionate about encountering the Lord through worship. Although she was brought up in a religious family, she always loved music and learned to sing very young.

It was her love for music that helped breed her passion for performing.

Not much is known about her childhood.

Maryanne served at her home church in Hicksville, NY, where she started out as a choir member. She eventually became the worship director and leader of a team of musicians and vocalists.

Maryanne is currently involved with Maverick City Music, a collective of worshipers dedicated to deconstructing the unspoken rules that exist in the Christian contemporary music industry.

She longs to pray and give thanks but desires the whole world to see God in whatever they do. Maryanne’s prayer is that her life would be one of service, and she wants her songs to be an act of worship that pleases God’s holy name.

Maryanne is also passionate about mental health, as she has an M.Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a nationally certified clinical mental health therapist.

She has led a number of seminars and workshops on the importance of maintaining mental health, and the role of worship in mental health.

In 2021, George made her solo debut with an extended play titled Not Just Stories, by putting out work with the label she signed to, Tribl Records.

Not Just Stories debuted at number twelve on the Top Christian Categories in the United States, and number three on the Top Gospel Albums Chart in the United States.

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Maryanne is also married to Jonathan.

The couple has a cute baby. In March, she posted a picture of their baby on Instagram. It stated

” I was not prepared for how hard it is to be both a mom and an artist (and a south Asian female one at that lol). I have been struggling with the balance, and now I wonder if there ever really is a balance??? I just cannot understand how women do this.. when I take a step forward in one role, I feel like I’m going backwards in the other. I don’t have answers, but I know my Jesus is trustworthy.

Mo, when you grow up one day, and you’re too big for me to hold you like this, I hope you will always remember that Jesus is the best and greatest choice you can ever make. loving you has taught me that He is ALWAYS worth the cost.”

She’s also a worship leader for two churches in the area: Ozark Christian Tabernacle in West Plains, Missouri, and West County Assembly of God in St. Louis, Missouri.


Maryanne has a unique voice that is not often heard in the world today. She has the ability to use melody, rhythm, and instrumentation to convey a deep message about Christianity.

She composes, sings, and preaches about faith through the lyrics of her songs.

Maryanne is dedicating her life to Christianity and has one goal: spreading the word of God through music.

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In one interview, when was asked about Maverick City, She said: We love each other, pray for each other, correct each other, and laugh (SO HARD) with each other…

I would not be here without my Mav City family. They champion me, and believe in me time and time again, even when I don’t always believe in myself.

She continued by saying: “I think it’s so important to have a family that sees potential in you, and calls out the fruit in you. There was a time in my life where I struggled to find acceptance. I longed for a community of people that truly cared about me, and challenged me in my spiritual walk.

In this family, the Lord gave me just that. I feel welcomed. I feel challenged. I feel truly loved; divinely loved.“